Inspection, Examination & Maintenance of UK Infrastructure

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Inspection, Maintenance and Examination services to maintain highways, railway networks, and buildings across the UK; ensuring they are safe and reliable.

‘Safety First’ Approach

Works carried out against guidelines by professionally qualified inspections teams.

Specialist Access Techniques

Range of access methods, including IRATA rope access, to reduce possession times and costs.

Automated Visual Reports (AVR)

Increase the efficiency and accuracy of examinations within hours of inspection completion.

Minimise impacts with lightweight and efficient access techniques

Stroma Specialist Access employs a fully qualified and accredited inspection and maintenance team, ensuring long-term safety and secure infrastructure and buildings.

Our unique expertise of working at height, confined spaces, and rope access techniques allow us to carry out inspection and maintenance services, whilst reducing down-time to essential networks, saving time and money during works.

Ensure the safety of critical infrastructure

Reduce structural risks and maintenance costs

Extend asset life and structural integrity

Infrastructure Managers

“Our teams can deploy access methods to obtain and record accurate asset data including rope access, boats, pontoons, autonomous vehicles and Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs).”

James Rhodes, Head of Inspection & Maintenance

Sustainable and Safe Rail, Highways, Buildings, Masts & Towers

All of our inspection, examination, and maintenance services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our team is accredited and qualified to work across all structures and buildings, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and safety of inspections.

Rail, Bridge & Road Inspection & Maintenance

Building Inspection & Maintenance

Scour Assessments for Rail & Highways Bridges

Geotechnical Assessments

Discuss inspection, examination and examination services for your infrastructure project

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