Integrated Building Compliance Services for Owners

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Stroma Group is your partner to help deliver long-term value for your building.

Building Safety

Advice for Building Safety Managers towards the renewal of your Building Safety Certificate

‘BIM Ready’

Data is examined and delivered in a common format for trend analysis and mitigation

Building Sustainability

Analysis of building stock to initiate improvements, improve running costs and meet environmental targets

Building Portfolio Analysis

Our knowledge in building fabric and building physics is geared towards creating a tailored property management plan for comfort, safety and compliance.

We work with building owners, facilities managers and building safety managers to ensure that buildings are being operated sustainably, improving occupier comfort and with building safety at its core. Using Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) our services span the In Use cycle to maintain operational efficiency:

Benchmark analysis of your building data

Building inspection and identification of issues

Qualify issues and plan improvements

Building Owners

“Stroma’s cyclical property management services can support long-term increases in the value of your property portfolio by driving sustainable net operating income.”

Martin Holt, Group CEO

Tailor your Building Improvement Strategy

Stroma can deploy a range of building sustainability, energy management and building safety services. Together, we’ll create a comprehensive strategy to allow financial and logistical improvement planning:

Air Testing of the fire barrier and Smoke Testing

Fire Risk Assessment and Passive Fire Protection

Thermographic Reporting of air leakage, insulation and thermal bridging issues

Acoustic Consultancy and Sound Insulation Testing

Design your Building Improvement Strategy

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