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Stroma Built Environment is providing Indoor Air Quality Plans and third-party testing for projects working towards BREEAM. We’re supporting clients with achieving up to two BREEAM HEA 02 credits, whilst maximising health and comfort for building occupants.


Earn BREEAM Credits

Low-cost and effective methods for achieving up to two BREEAM credits for indoor air quality.


Experts in Air Quality Compliance

Interpret changing Building Regulations, including air quality and environmental legislation to generate lifetime value.


Your Technical Partner

Indoor air quality services deployed from technical design to handover and close-out.

Indoor Air Quality Plan and Third-Party Testing for BREEAM

Our qualified Air Quality Consultants can support your project with achieving up to two BREEAM credits. These include indoor air quality plans and third-party testing for gases, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde, which can cause health risks to building occupants.
The Indoor Air Quality testing is carried out before handover to sample test areas for exceeded limits of harmful gases. If levels are exceeded, we’ll advise on remedial measures to improve in accordance with the indoor air quality plan.
Indoor Air Quality Plan considers the following:

  • Removal of contaminant sources
  • Dilution and control of contaminant sources
  • Procedures of pre-occupancy flush out
  • 3rd party testing and analysis
  • Maintaining indoor air quality in-use

We’re working with designers and contractors to provide Indoor Air Quality Plans, which influence the design, specification, and installation of projects, to minimise poor indoor air quality for occupants. Our Indoor Air Quality services are also available for buildings in use to identify causes of poor air quality and recommend remedial solutions to minimise risks.

We can also investigate odours and air leakage issues using air and smoke testing methods, odour testing/monitoring, thermographic and visual surveys, remedial air and odour sealing advice, and on-site remedial works

James Pollard Graduate Air Quality Consultant

Indoor Air Quality Guidance: Assessment, Monitoring, Modelling and Mitigation

Applicable to all proposed and existing buildings, Stroma can undertake indoor Air Quality Assessments using recently released guidance by the Institute of Air Quality Management. Our Indoor Air Quality Assessments will identify potential sources of pollution, provide mitigation measures, and suggest monitoring strategies. By using IoT sensors, our service can:

  • Improve occupants’ comfort and wellbeing.
  • Monitor CO2, NO2, PM, TVOC, temperature and humidity.
  • Set up alerts and provide guidance to improve the internal environment conditions.
  • Facilitate returning to work by creating a safer and more productive environment.

COVID-19 Ventilation Risk Assessments for Indoor Working Environments

We’re supporting employers with detailed risk assessments of indoor air quality in line with CIBSE COVID-19 Ventilation Guidance and other models. Our Air Quality team will complete a detailed COVID-19 airborne risk assessment to mitigate the risks of spreading the virus within indoor working environments.


Why Air Quality Matters

Having good indoor air quality is vital to the health and wellbeing of building occupants. Clean and fresh air minimizes the risk of indoor air pollution from sources including dirty air ventilation, mound, and carbon monoxide. Our Air Quality Consultants can help you to protect your occupants, the environment, and safeguard the air we breathe.

Home Quality Mark (HQM)

Stroma Built Environment offers new build assessments aligned to the Home Quality Mark (HQM) requirements. Compliance with HQM enables home builders to secure compliance with Building Regulations, demonstrate the high quality of their homes and differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Homebuyers have the confidence that any new home built to the Home Quality Mark is well-designed, well-built, and cost-effective to run.


Our comprehensive service offers:

A detailed assessment of your ventilation system(s), identifying the most appropriate and effective run modes, defining a methodology to maximise air changes, delivering in the maximum outside air and install monitoring equipment to confirm air changes and limit stagnant air zones

WELL Indoor Air Quality Testing

The WELL Building Standard aims to enhance human health and well-being by improving the indoor environment. At Stroma, we can undertake air quality pre-tests to check performance prior to the WELL verification test.

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