Air Quality Assessments to Support Air Quality Mitigation

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Stroma Built Environment provides Air Quality Assessments for residential and commercial projects to determine air quality risks at early stages in a development. We’re supporting clients to meet air quality mitigation and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) targets, as well as other environmental regulations.

Your Technical Partner

Air Quality services can be deployed from pre-planning through to construction and operation.

Design Stage Reviews

Early-stage design reviews to reduce costly risks throughout the construction lifecycle.

Experts in Air Quality Compliance

Interpret changing air quality and environmental legislation to generate lifetime value.

Air Quality Assessments for Planning Applications

Working closely with Local Authorities, our Air Quality Consultants support clients with planning applications where air quality is a consideration, including developments within Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs). Our Air Quality Assessment services include:

Desktop reviews of air quality using existing monitoring data

Identify receptors which are affected by the development

On-site monitoring of air quality to provide baseline data

Air dispersion modelling of transport and plant emissions as agreed with Local Authority

Air quality monitoring during construction and/or operation

Air quality mitigation measures associated with the design, location and operation of the development

Air quality assessments of the construction phase, including detailed mitigation plans

Following an Air Quality Assessment, we’ll provide you with a detailed report to upload into the Planning Portal. We’re also able to offer Mitigation Statements to reduce air quality risks and support planning applications. Mitigation Statements can help you to assess and monetise the local emissions from a development to determine the required mitigation measures to reduce potential impacts on the local environment.

Air Quality Assessments

Air Quality Assessments

"Air Quality Neutral Assessments can be provided to help major new developments in London comply with the London Plan. Our consultancy and assessment services compare building and transport emissions against a benchmarked emission rate to help clients comply with the requirements of the London Plan."

James Browne, Senior Air Quality Consultant

Air Quality Monitoring Services Throughout the Construction Lifecycle

Air Quality Risk Assessments are also available during construction to identify air quality risks from on-site activities and recommend measures for the Construction Environmental Management Plan.

Our services include:

Air Quality Exposure and Impact Assessments

Air Quality Neutral Assessment

Air Quality Low Emission Mitigation Strategies

Air Quality Dust Risk Assessments (AQDRAs) and Air Quality Dust Management Plans (AQDMPs)

Method Statements on the Reduction of Vehicle Emissions

Dust, PM10 and Air Quality Monitoring

Odour Risk Assessments

Compliance Pack Bundle

Stroma Built Environment offers complementary services for Air Quality Assessments to Support Air Quality Mitigation to reduce procurement costs, gain project efficiencies and achieve full compliance and sustainability targets for your project.

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