3D Modelling

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Stroma Built Environment is working with Architects, Main Contractors, Builders and Building Owners to produce a 3D model of any building type.

Accurate 3D modelling produces critically accurate building information, saving time and money at pre-planning stage and enabling real-time decision making once the building is occupied.

Explore an exact 3D replication of your building

Thanks to the latest state-of-the-art digital technology, our 3D modelling consultants can build models in a number of software. Take a journey around one of our latest projects.

Explore an exact 3D replication of your building

3D building models help a client or building owner to visualise the project during construction or investigate data for an operational building. Using leading modelling packages Stroma can produce BIM-compliant models, 3D topographical land surveys, VR modelling and walkthrough models.

Our team of professional building surveyors carry out a precision laser scan survey to create a three-dimensional point cloud of the building. We work closely with our clients to serve bespoke data capture needs, pinpointing millimetre accuracy and incorporating existing point cloud and survey data where necessary.

Growing Importance of Building Information

  • Stroma Built Environment has a ‘technology first’ approach to supporting the construction industry with building safety, environmental sustainability and regulatory compliance services.
  • Changes in building regulations and environmental legislation are putting more importance on the development and maintenance of accurate property data in a common digital format.
  • Our consultancy team combines expertise in the sector with the ability to build sophisticated 3D building models which provide our clients with the required building information details.

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We can commence your 3D modelling project immediately. If you have any questions, our friendly Sales team is happy to talk through your requirements. Call us on 01924 237 500 or email sales-wakefield@stroma.com.

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