Energy Monitoring to Measure and Manage Consumption

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Stroma Built Environment’s energy monitoring and cloud-based energy management platform allows businesses to measure, monitor and manage energy consumption. We’re helping clients save in utility costs and reduce the carbon footprint of buildings and managed premises.

Save Utility Costs

Review where and when you are spending the most on energy.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Identify energy patterns within your business to implement energy-saving improvements.

Real-Time Insights

Access to an online portal to generate monthly reports for comparative energy bills and an itemised usage breakdown.

Measure, Monitor and Manage Your Energy Consumption

We’re working with clients to supply and install energy monitoring services within buildings to identify energy improvements and savings through circuit-level monitoring. Our cloud-based subscription platform allows users to monitor and itemise energy usage to streamline usage and identify waste whilst saving operational costs.

Energy Efficiency: Identify energy efficiency improvements by addressing energy waste

Validation: Real-time data of implemented energy-saving measures for accurate Return on Investment (ROI)

Regulatory Compliance: Carbon reporting for regulatory compliance (ISO 50001, ISO 9001 & ESOS)

Targeted Improvements: Energy usage data to target cost-effective upgrades and improvements

Operational Resilience: Set regular alerts to identify system faults to implement preventative measures and maintenance

Carbon Reduction: Reduce energy and utility costs, as well as your organisation’s carbon footprint

Energy monitoring metres can be installed in a range of commercial premises, including industrial and manufacturing units, retail outlets, hotels, educational facilities, hospitals, leisure complexes, and more.

Track Your Energy Usage in Real-Time

The cloud-based platform provides real-time energy usage activity, giving users measurable and actionable data to improve performance and reduce costs. View your usage minute-by-minute, add appliances into groups, and split usage into working and non-working hours to identify savings – the platform is entirely flexible to meet individual requirements. Our Energy Monitoring services can measure:

Circuit Electrical Consumption

Water Usage

Gas & Oil Consumption

Electrical Generation (Solar PV, Battery Storage, CHP Generators)

Temperature Measuring (Air, Water, Server Racks, Immersion Tanks)

Heat Generation (Boilers, District Heating, Heat Pumps)

Environmental Factors (Air Quality, Solar Irradiation, Humidity)

Unlike standard energy and utility bills, the platform provides an itemised breakdown of energy usage data, from buildings, to floors and even individual appliances – identify where and when you are using energy and spending money.

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