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The Passivhaus standard enables developers to meet strict airtightness and energy efficiency targets. It adopts a whole-building approach, with clear and measured targets focused on high-quality construction. It is considered a design alternative to the Future Homes Standard.

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Stroma Built Environment is accredited by the Passivhaus Institute (PHI) to assess and support you through the design process and toward Passivhaus building.

We have knowledge and experience in a wide range of projects, from one-off homes to large commercial complexes, and can work with you to ensure that your project meets the required standard.


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Certified Passivhaus Consultant

Stroma’s Passive House certification service provides a detailed review of a project, from the design stage to construction.

Support is provided throughout by an experienced, qualified, and certified Passivhaus consultant, who will provide guidance and confidence on your project.

Our qualified Passive House team can deliver required Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) calculations, thermal bridging analysis and air tightness support to meet the Passive House design standards.

We will support the design team with design optimisation, advising on efficient strategies to improve your project.


Does your project meet Passivhaus Requirements?

Passivhaus is a world-leading energy efficiency standard. For a building to be considered a Passive House, it must meet the following criteria:

  • Space Heating The Space Heating Energy Demand must not exceed 15 kWh per square metre of net living space.
  • Primary Energy The total energy to be used for domestic applications (such as hot water and heating) must not exceed 60 kWh per square meter.
  • Air Tightness The building must be very airtight, with no more than 0.6 air changes per hour at 50 Pascals pressure.
  • Thermal Comfort Living areas are not to exceed 25 °C for more than 10% of yearly hours

Stroma Built Environment works with clients from early design stages to help make key decisions to meet Passivhaus standards.

Want your project to be Passivhaus certified?

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