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Passivhaus is a cost effective way to achieve energy savings required by the Future Homes Standard. We'll consult with your project team from concept stage to completion.

Building to a Passivhaus Standard

Developers are now starting to build their residential and commercial buildings in-line with the Passivhaus standard. The Passivhaus standard enables developers to target stringent air-tightness and energy efficiency targets that work towards the upcoming uplift to the Building Regulations Part L1A in 2025. Passivhaus has now become a cost-effective alternative to the Future Homes Standard.

There are 3 key cost implications for a volume housebuilder when considering the Future Homes Standard. These include increased insultation requirements, air source heat pumps and the integration of the heat pump system into the existing build. By following Passivhaus principles from the design stage, you can mitigate expanding costs.

By working with clients from early design stages, Stroma Built Environment is informing crucial design decisions which save you time and money.

Passivhaus Consultancy

Passivhaus Consultancy

"Passivhaus is a proven methodology, relaying on proven technology, to help achieve the Future Homes Standard."

Steve Horrocks, Managing Director

Pioneers in Passive House building

Passivhaus Consultancy
We are working with clients from early design stages to help mitigate potential costs and issues later in the construction process. We're familiar with all house build types and we know the potential pitfalls in the Passivhaus build cycle. Clients see the biggest cost savings and avoidance of issues by employing a Stroma consultant before undertaking an air test and SAP assessment. After this juncture, it may be too late to make changes to meet Passivhaus requirements without costly remedial action.

Air Tightness
We are providing clients with specialist air-tightness services aimed at achieving the Passivhaus air-tightness requirements of 1.6m3 . With our design-stage consultancy on air-tightness, we help to ensure that all targets are met throughout the project delivery phase.

Our nationwide network of air-tightness engineers makes it easy for us to attend your project with minimal downtime.

SAP Calculations
Stroma Built Environment is delivering SAP Calculations for residential properties built to the Passivhaus standard. We’ll ensure your building is compliant with the specific requirements of the Passivhaus standard.

Compliance Pack Bundle

Stroma Built Environment offers complementary services for Consultancy to achieve Passivhaus Standard to reduce procurement costs, gain project efficiencies and achieve full compliance and sustainability targets for your project.

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