Why Stroma Built Environment?

Stroma Built Environment is a leading provider of Environmental Monitoring, Performance Testing and Energy Consultancy services to the Construction Industry. With a national presence, Stroma Built Environment supports our clients throughout the project lifecycle by deploying specialist services across the RIBA Plan of Work stages. Our highly experienced team was formed from Stroma Tech, HRS Services and BBS Environmental, and we continue to work as part of your wider project team to help manage environmental sustainability and compliance on a variety of project types.

The team from Stroma Built Environment includes a vast range of specialist, professional skills to help our clients manage regulatory compliance, environmental sustainability targets and building performance requirements. We employ a diversely talented team which includes Acousticians, Air Tightness Engineers, Energy Assessors, Air Quality Consultants, Health & Safety Consultants, Building Envelope Estimators, Thermographers and many more.

Air Tightness Consultancy
Acoustic Consultancy

We have worked with our clients to develop and maintain some of the most prestigious commercial developments nationwide. This includes NVD and Acoustics for the nationwide expansion of a major supermarket retailer, Plenum Testing for the R1 project at London Kings Cross and BREEAM support for a major furniture retailer. We also enjoy close relationships with many of the UK’s foremost contractors, supporting the development of residential housing and accommodation within the industry.

Air Quality Assessments
Display Energy Certificates
Air Testing
Acoustic Testing


Did you know?

On a typical £20 million project clients can make an astonishing saving by seeking BREEAM credits in RIBA stages 1-4, rather than waiting until stages 5-6. Credits gained early may cost an average of £760, compared to around £14,000 in the latter project stages.

Did you know?

Over 21,000 Air Tightness Tests were conducted by our building compliance companies in 2016/17.

Project in Focus


Willmott Partnership Homes


Daylight & Sunlight Assessments, Energy Statements, SAP

Project Brief: Stroma completed a range of pre-contract assessment works for Redbridge Borough Council in support of a planning application for 5 proposed development sites (consisting of 121 new dwellings), including an assessment of the available sunlight and daylight to the new and existing dwellings.

We assisted the design teams to re-model the designs in order to reduce impact and to satisfy planning conditions. Our energy consultants helped to steer the specification for the proposed dwellings – both fabric and services – in order to achieve compliance against the requirements of the London Plan, which required a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions beyond 2010 Building Regulations.

Stroma Built Environment News

Future Homes Standard: Changes to Part F and Part L

Future Homes Standard: Changes to Part F and Part L

9th October 2019
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