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What are Station Examination & Maintenance Services?

Station Examination & Maintenance Services are provided by Stroma Specialist Access’ STE 05 competent team of examiners. We have over 30 years’ experience working across rail infrastructure projects of any size throughout the UK. Our expertise in the design, construction and inspection of stations means you can trust our understanding of station buildings, potential defects and their causes.

Structural Inspection, Examination and Maintenance for stations

Stroma Specialist Access carried out our first station examination in 1985. Since then we have examined over 1,000 station structures including:

St Pancras International and Ebbsfleet International for HS1

Individual asset examinations within Stratford International Station for HS1

West Anglia Stations

Disused Rail Station Assets

Why Stroma Specialist Access?

We understand the demands of safety critical environments and develop specific station inspection programmes. This ensures that all project goals and structure-specific variables are taken into account. We employ experienced and professional teams both on site and within our reports department to provide accurate structural examination data:

  • STE05 competent examiners to resource extensive examination programmes
  • An engineering team led by a Member of the ICE
  • IT enabled operations to enable effective data collection and reporting

Our approach to Station Examination work

Stroma will engage in a series of purposeful discussions with the client and other stakeholders in advance of the examination. The team leader will undertake a reconnaissance visit in advance of the examination and will confirm the feasibility of the inspection plan and the proposed approach to third parties, such as landowners, Highways England, local authorities, the Canal & Rivers Trust.

Our teams are briefed on the structure specific inspection plan before their attendance on site. At each departmental safety meeting the generic structural inspection risk assessment is reviewed and updated in response to audit information, root cause analyses from near misses, employer safety alerts and site feedback.

Station Examination Work

A commitment to technology

Our examiners are equipped with our in-house Automated Visual Reports (AVR) software on tablet PCs, which also carry RAMS, site rules, Stroma’s operations manual, drawings, previous inspection reports and relevant toolbox talks. This helps the inspectors to work efficiently and ensures that they always have the latest information to hand in a searchable form.

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