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Stroma Specialist Access offers Inspection & Maintenance services for rail and highways bridges over rivers which may be more vulnerable to collapse through the scouring away of their foundations. Scour Assessments for structural assets are vitally important as flooding events become more prevalent. Our Level 1 and Level 2 Scour Assessments can assess the local scour following floods and any potential damage to the structure.

Essential Assessments

It is very important that Scour Assessments are carried out in good time due to the increase in flooding events

Accurate Data

Accurate data collected is vital in assessing the risk rating of surrounding infrastructure

Nationwide Coverage

We deliver services to clients nationwide and 7 days a week ensuring complete coverage

Scour Assessments: Why choose Stroma Specialist Access?

Constriction scour and local scour on rail and highways bridges can lead to instability of the superstructure and potentially catastrophic outcomes. Stroma uses our IRATA qualified rope access inspection teams to survey the riverbed and its foundations. We can collect data to determine the risk ratings of surrounding structures. Following this inspection, we can provide maintenance services to remove debris deposited during flood events to reinforce the safety of the structure. Our expert Scour service includes:

Calculation of Flow Depths and Velocities

Debris Removal

Level 1 Scour Assessments to BD97/12

Level 2 Scour Assessments

Preliminary Risk Rating

Riverbed and Foundation Surveys

Scour Assessments

“Stroma Specialist Access provide Level 1 and Level 2 Scour Assessments to assess structures close to riverbeds.”

James Rhodes, Head of I&M

Level 1 & 2 Scour Assessments

Level 1 Scour Assessments

Stroma can provide level 1 scour assessments to BD97/12 by surveying the riverbed, foundations and any existing protection measures and undertaking a preliminary risk rating.

Level 2 Scour Assessments

Depending on the outcome of the level 1 assessment, Stroma can also proceed to a level 2 assessment involving the calculation of flow depths and velocities under flood conditions resulting in the assignment of a Scour Risk Rating and recommendations for management measures. Our requirements from the client include:

  • Topographic survey of the bridge showing its key features (abutments, piers, arches, decks) and including cross-sections through the river channel upstream and downstream of the structure. The survey should include details of the bridge foundations (level) and any existing scour protection
  • Geotechnical information/boreholes/trial pitting of the bridge foundations to determine whether undercutting of abutments or piers is likely. This would also include obtaining the grading of granular materials forming the riverbed
  • A hydrological analysis to determine extreme flows within the channel (usually based on Flood Estimation Handbook techniques) and a hydraulic model of the watercourse to determine the velocity of water running through the bridge structure during peak flow. We are able to undertake the hydrological analysis and hydraulic modelling if an existing hydraulic model is not available from the Environment Agency
  • Stroma can also remove the debris deposited during flood events, including when the river is in spate.

Complementary Services for Scour Assessments

Stroma Specialist Access offers complementary inspection, examination, and maintenance services for your project. Our recommended services include:

Rope Access
Confined Spaces
Get in touch on 0800 030 4391 or email to discuss bespoke services to match specific requirements for your project.

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