Rope Access for Inspection and Maintenance of Structural Assets

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Stroma Specialist Access provides rope access services for inspecting, examining, and maintaining structural assets. Our difficult access techniques provide safe and efficient methods of inspecting and examining structural assets across rail, highways, buildings, culverts, masts, and towers.


Rope Access Technicians trained to the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) standards.

Reduced Occupation Times

Equipment can be assembled efficiently, reducing occupation times on-site, saving time and costs in structural inspections.

Automated Visual Reports (AVR)

Automated Visual Reporting (AVR) software to collect asset data on a mobile device on-site.

Supporting the Safety and Integrity of Structural Assets

We employ a team of IRATA Rope Access Technicians and Examiners to safely inspect and gather data about the structural integrity of rail and highways bridges, and other assets. Our experience in Rope Access includes:

Building Inspection & Testing

Condition Surveys

Confined Space Access

Geotechnical & De-Vegetation Works

Highway Bridge & Rail Structures Inspections

Investigation Works

Material Testing

Scour Assessments

Structural Surveys

"We have a huge range of access equipment, along with a widely qualified and experienced team. Using the right access equipment for the job means we can work more efficiently and safer, saving time and money for our clients."

James Benton, Rope Access Structures Examiner

Working at Height Safely with Rope Access

Our Rope Access Technicians are providing solutions for inspecting and maintaining structural assets when more traditional means of access, such as scaffolding, are impossible or costly. The benefits of using Stroma Specialist Access for rope access services include:

Safest, most cost-effective method of carrying out difficult access works

Equipment can be assembled efficiently, reducing occupation times on-site

Rope Access Technicians available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Rope Access allows for close inspection of assets, improving data accuracy

Automated Visual Reporting (AVR) software to collect data on-site, using mobile devices

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Complementary Services for Rope Access

Stroma Specialist Access offers complementary inspection, examination, and maintenance services for your project. Our recommended services include:

Scour Assessments
Drone Surveys
Get in touch on 0800 030 4391 or email to discuss bespoke services to match specific requirements for your project.

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