Inspection & Maintenance of Masts, Towers & Tall Structures

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Stroma Specialist Access provides inspection of various tall structures including Masts and Towers. Using specialist rope access and mast climbing techniques we are able to meet client requirements for the safe inspection, maintenance or painting of tall structures.

Experienced Inspection Team

We have over 30 years’ experience working on tall structures for our clients.

Founder Member of IRATA

All inspectors are IRATA trained to carry out rope access work.

Service Availability

Our teams of key workers can be deployed nationwide, 7 days a week.

Our approach to Mast & Tower projects

Inspection and maintenance of tall structures is vital to ensure that persons around the structure remain safe, as well as any users required to climb the structure itself. We have experience of working on radio transmitters, high mast lighting towers, mobile phone masts and water towers. Our services include:

Rope access

Drone surveys

Visual condition surveys

Painting and other maintenance

“All our equipment is portable and lightweight, allowing safe set-up and removal. Our team is experienced in the specialist rope access techniques required for tall structures.”

James Rhodes, Head of I&M

Our qualified and experienced team

Our experience in mast & tower inspection work spans more than three decades and includes the inspection and maintenance of thousands of structures nationwide:

Excellent safety record and commitment to project safety

Minimise site obstruction and impact in public areas

Client focused approach, sensitive to project time pressures

Complementary Services for Complementary Services for Mast & Tower Structures

Stroma Specialist Access offers complementary inspection, examination, and maintenance services for your project. Our recommended services include:

Rope Access
Drone Surveys
Get in touch on 0800 030 4391 or email to discuss bespoke services to match specific requirements for your project.

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