Confined Space Inspections of Structural Assets

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Stroma Specialist Access provides inspection and maintenance services using confined space techniques to inspect structural and infrastructure assets. We’re working to inspect structures with difficult access, such as tunnel shafts and bridge voids, to gather asset inspection data safely and effectively.

Inspections to CS 450 Standard

Inspections carried out to Highways England CS 450 Inspections of Highway Structures standard.

Difficult Access Expertise

Other difficult access techniques include Rope Access, MEWPs, and Autonomous Inspection Vehicles (AIVs).

Automated Visual Reports (AVR)

Automated Visual Reporting (AVR) software to collect asset inspection data on-site, using a mobile device.

Safe and Effective Inspections for Confined Spaces

We employ a team of experienced difficult access technicians to provide confined space and at height inspection services for rail and highway structures, power stations, air shafts, and more. Our confined space inspection services include:

Condition Surveys

Difficult Access Maintenance Works

Dimensional Surveys

Material Testing

Principal and General Inspections

Rail Examinations

Safety Supervision

Surveys for Tunnels, Pits, Culverts, and Chambers

Our general and principal inspections of culverts, masts, and gantries are carried out to Highways England Inspections of Highway Structures standard.

Confined Spaces

“We’ll manage your confined space inspection project through a desk-based risk assessment before our attendance on-site. Our structural inspection risk assessment is reviewed and updated in response to audit information, root-cause analyses from near-misses, employer safety alerts, and site feedback to reduce risks throughout inspection.”

Andy Banks, Structures Examiner

Confined Space Inspections for High-Risk Structures

Our confined space inspection experience covers assets and structures with risks of engulfment, entrapment, and poor ventilation, including culverts and industrial riser pipes. Other experience of working in confined spaces include:

Inspections of penstocks, voided bridge decks, and abutment cells

IUnblocking of slurry spraying jets inside a flue gas de-sulphurisation power station

IInspection of several culverts running beneath roads and railway lines

IInspection of railway tunnel air shafts nationwide

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Complementary Services for Confined Space Inspections

Stroma Specialist Access offers complementary inspection, examination, and maintenance services for your project. Our recommended services include:

Rope Access
Scour Assessments
Get in touch on 0800 030 4391 or email to discuss bespoke services to match specific requirements for your project.

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