Masts & Towers Inspection Services

Masts & Towers Services

What are Masts & Towers Inspection Services?

Masts & Towers Inspection Services are provided by Stroma Specialist Access’ highly qualified and IRATA trained team of inspectors. We have over 30 years’ experience working on a variety of tall structures using specialist rope access and mast climbing techniques. We can fulfil all client requirements including painting, maintenance or inspection of masts and towers – as well as providing a bespoke service to suit your precise requirements.

Inspection, Examination and Maintenance for tall structures

Inspection and maintenance of tall structures is vital to ensure that persons around the structure remain safe, as well as any users required to climb the structure itself. We have experience of working on radio transmitters, high mast lighting towers, mobile phone masts and water towers. Our services include:

Rope Access

Drone Surveys

Visual Condition Surveys

Inspection, Maintenance & Painting

We ensure the safety of the structure and all access arrangements. As one of the founder members of IRATA, Stroma Specialist Access employs fully trained staff with a rich experience of inspection and maintenance projects across a diversity of UK infrastructure.

Why Stroma Specialist Access?

Our experience in mast & tower inspection work spans more than three decades and includes the inspection and maintenance of thousands of structures nationwide. Our expert advice and commitment to quality is apparent on the works from start to finish.

Stroma is committed to safety and possesses an excellent safety record. Our specialist difficult access techniques are far superior to more conventional ways of working at height. Our methods also provide less site obstruction and minimise impact in public areas.

We also have a client focused approach which is sensitive to the time pressures often required to complete any inspection work. Our services are available nationwide and seven days a week within a suitable time period for our clients.

Inspection and Repair of the UK’s Tallest Free-Standing Structure

Stroma Specialist Access completed a contract to inspect and repair local areas of concrete to the NTL Emley Moor Transmission Tower.

Using HSE ‘Good Practices’ techniques as set out in IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trading Association) guidelines, technicians used rope access to position themselves around and under the tower’s working platforms. This allowed them to first inspect and then carry out any necessary concrete and coating repairs.

All our equipment is portable and extremely lightweight, allowing rapid set up and removal times. This speed and flexibility, combined with the safest method of working at height, makes rope access the preferred choice for difficult sites, such as Emley Moor.

Blackpool FC – Flood Light Maintenance

Engineers working for Blackpool FC wanted to gain an understanding of the paint and galvanised coating to the flood light towers. Stroma was asked to carry out a visual condition survey supplemented with thickness coating measurements to schedule and specify repairs to the towers.

Benefits of Rope Access

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