Stroma Specialist Access: FAQs for existing clients

We recently notified our clients that HRS Services’ Inspection & Maintenance division will form a unique legal entity named Stroma Specialist Access.

We are aware you may have some queries and have drafted the following frequently asked questions to help you.

What are the benefits of working with Stroma Specialist Access?

Stroma Specialist Access has been formed from the strong legacy of HRS Services, dedicated to providing Inspection & Maintenance contracting services for Rail, Highways and building projects across the UK.

Our rope access team & inspection, maintenance and air sealing professionals are committed to supporting you with the safe and continued operation of UK infrastructure.

We offer many years of experience and a proactive attitude to our customers in addition to our Stroma Group supplemental services that span the entire construction life cycle from design concept to post- occupancy.

By contracting with Stroma Specialist Access you will receive:

  • A highly qualified and fully accredited team of Inspection & Maintenance rope access inspectors
  • Rapid 24/7 mobilisation of our team throughout the UK
  • Benefit from efficiency gains by saving time and money with efficient delivery of site works and reports
  • We invest in the latest inspection technology such as drones and ROVs
  • An excellent safety record by keeping safety at the heart of everything we do

Are our fees likely to increase?

We strive to provide the best possible service with a team of experienced and qualified inspectors. We offer competitive fees, no matter what size or type of project, and are happy to provide framework agreements for repetitive projects to help you achieve savings.  We regularly evaluate and benchmark our fees against the market to make sure we remain competitive.

Can I be confident that our inspection and maintenance requirements will be carried out promptly?

We are able to offer our customers a team of specialist inspection and maintenance personnel nationwide.  Our roped access teams can rapidly mobilise 24/7 no matter where your project is sited.

I have a great working relationship with an inspector/office. Can this be maintained?

Our organisation is built on close business-to-business relationships and we seek to maintain and improve upon our existing relations that work so well already. Therefore, if you already have a relationship with a named point of contact, you will see no change to the service.

Will previously issued fee proposals remain valid?

All previously issued proposals, framework agreements etc. will be honoured and remain valid.  Once your project is complete you will receive the appropriate reports as you would previously expect.

What happens if there is an issue with an old project carried out by HRS Services?

Stroma Specialist Access is the new name for HRS Services Ltd, there is not a change of legal entity for your project and we are maintaining the same full cover of insurance and level of cover as before.  Your account manager / named point of contact will not be changing, so you can raise issues or queries in the same manner you have previously.

Is my contract being novated?

No. The legal entity is staying the same, but the company name is being changing from HRS Services Ltd to Stroma Specialist Access Ltd.

Is Stroma Specialist Access a new entity with no history?

No, HRS Services is a long-established company that will be changing its name to Stroma Specialist Access Limited.  The company has a long history, reserves and asset base to support the division. You will be working with the same experienced team as previously.

Do I still send my payments to the same place?

Yes, our bank account details are not changing

If I have queries on my invoices who do I contact?

You still contact the local finance teams you have previously dealt with. If you are unsure, please refer to the address and contact details on the invoice.

If you have any additional questions which have not been answered, please complete our simple query form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

Alternatively, for all other Stroma Specialist Access enquiries, please email: