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What are Drone Surveys?

Drone Surveys can deliver large time and cost savings compared to traditional means of asset and infrastructure inspection. Stroma Specialist Access combines innovative Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology with our specialist rope access and difficult access expertise to deliver inspection services for structural assets in all locations. Our Drone Surveys are piloted by Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved team members with the knowledge to gather asset data safely and efficiently.

Drone Surveys – Why choose Stroma Specialist Access?

Stroma Specialist Access has always been at the cutting edge when it comes to serving our clients by providing innovative new services using updated technology and new methodologies. We enable close inspections of bridges, buildings, highways, topography, roofs, chimneys, masts, pylons, bridges, tower blocks, river walls, wind turbines and other difficult to reach and unsafe structures. All Drone Surveys are rigorously risk assessed prior to flight and all operators work remotely from the site to further reduce risk.

Our experience in Drone Surveys includes:

Close Visual Data (including High Definition Images)

Structural, Civil, Infrared and Thermographic Imaging

Laser Scanning

Internal, External, Safety and Topological Surveys

Volumetric Assessments

We will fully cooperate with councils, police and the CAA prior to all inspections. Our qualified team of difficult access inspectors has more than 30 years’ experience working across UK infrastructure, including on Rail and Highways structures. We are committed to investment in new technologies such as UAVs and our in-house developed Automated Visual Reporting software (AVR).

Benefits of Drone Surveys

Drone Surveys provide an alternative solution when inspectors cannot safely access the structure. It allows Stroma Specialist Access to deliver a more bespoke service to our clients where rope access or MEWPs become impractical or inefficient.

  • The ability to respond quickly and safely following catastrophic structural failures
  • All drones have 360 degree capability to collect a full picture of the structure
  • Use of a high definition camera shooting in RAW and 4K video
  • Drone spotters and out of hours work available for extra sensitive sites
  • Collect close visual data to produce in-depth structural reports
Benefits of Drone Surveys

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