De-vegetation Services

De-vegetation Services

What are De-vegetation Services?

De-vegetation and Geotechnical services can be provided for rail and highways infrastructure across the country. Stroma Specialist Access offer specialist, cost-effective vegetation removal works to ensure the usability and safety of the rail and highways networks. Our capabilities include the removal of vegetation, site clearance works, station vegetation clearance, removing fly tip material, structural vegetation clearance, tree-felling, removal of large trees, herbicide treatments, tree surveys, chipping, branch removal, invasive species control and rock slope descaling. Stroma can also remove the debris deposited during flood events, including when the river is in spate.

De-vegetation Services – Why choose Stroma Specialist Access?

Stroma Specialist Access has the knowledge and skills to carry out a wide range of de-vegetation works for rail, highways and water infrastructure across the country. We can undertake de-vegetation works by rope access, MEWPs, boats, divers or using ladders/scaffold towers. We hold RISQS accreditation, are an approved contractor for Network Rail and have experience working on HS1.

Our 30 years’ experience includes thousands of projects and we can deliver the following services:

Principal & General Inspections

Installation of Rock Bolts, Dowels and Soil Nails

Laying of Mesh or Netting

Maintenance Works

Pesticide/Herbicide Spraying

Rock Slope Stabilisation and De-scaling

Surveys and Testing

Tree Felling

Stroma’s specialist Inspection & Maintenance division has a vast amount of experience on an array of structures and slopes, including carrying out work next to major road networks and on redundant and live rail structures. We have also worked on some of the UK’s most prestigious road and rail bridges to ensure their longevity. Our safety management system is well developed, tried and tested for over 30 years. Our personnel hold a wide range of core competencies including NR(HS), RSL and DZEP for HS1; PTS + ICI, AC, DCCR for Network Rail and associated competencies for IRATA (Rope Access), first aid, IPAF, trained in the use of scaffold towers (PASMA), water awareness and confined space works, as well as others if required.

Inspection Services

Stroma carries out condition surveys, Principal Inspections, General Inspections, detailed and visual Examinations. If required, we can provide a range of surveys and inspections simultaneous to carrying out any de-vegetation work. This can both be a safer way to do the surveys and inspections and save our clients the time and money of having to arrange two different sets of labour and possession / Road space costs.

Our track record

We’re experienced in working on an array of structures, next to major road networks and on live and redundant rail structures to ensure the quality and safety of UK infrastructure is maintained. We have vast experience of difficult access jobs and offer a range of access methods including rope access, MEWPs, scaffold towers and more to ensure you receive a time and cost effective solution.

Why Stroma Devegetation

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