Confined Spaces

What is Confined Space Work?

Confined Space entry techniques form part of Stroma Specialist Access’ catalogue of Inspection & Maintenance services across UK infrastructure. Our technicians are highly trained working in confined spaces which means they can operate safely in even the most challenging environments. We are able to deploy teams into areas such as tunnel shaft and bridge voids which would otherwise be very difficult to access in order to gather asset data for our clients.

Confined Spaces – Why choose Stroma Specialist Access?

Stroma Specialist Access employs trained difficult access technicians with the experience and capability to work in confined spaces and at height. We have extensive experience working in culverts, risers and numerous industrial situations where risks of engulfment, entrapment or poor ventilation are present. We have provided our Confined Space Inspection services in spaces such as power stations, under railway lines and highways, within air shafts and more.

Our experience in Confined Space work includes:

Condition Surveys

Difficult Access Maintenance Works

Dimensional Surveys

Material Testing

Principal and General Inspections

Rail Examinations

Safety Supervision

Surveys to Tunnels, Pits, Culverts & Chambers

Stroma Specialist Access will manage your confined space project through desk based hazard assessments, site visits and a highly trained site team. We have the capability to undertake both General and Principal inspections of culverts, masts and gantries to BD63/17 (previously BD63/07).

Our Track Record

Our experience of working in confined space areas includes:

  • The unblocking of slurry spraying jets inside a flue gas de-sulphurisation power station
  • The inspection of numerous culverts running beneath roads and railway lines
  • The inspection of railway tunnel air shafts countrywide
Confined Space Track Record

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