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Green Deal & ECO Module

EPC & OA Module

Use the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) and OA (Occupancy Assessment) module to cover all calculation and lodgement requirements when completing Green Deal Advisory Reports (GDARs).

Stroma Software’s market-leading module is approved by the BRE for RdSAP 9.92 compliance. Domestic Energy Assessors can download the EPC and OA module for free and benefit from our commitment to low lodgement fees.

Available Platforms


Tracker Mobile helps assessors collect data on site, via your iPad, and share information between your devices and Desktop computer. Streamline EPC and OA lodgements with completion in seconds using the digital features in Tracker Mobile’s EPC & OA module. Complete assessments on site with adjustable energy efficiency measures and accurate energy installation and cost saving calculations:

  • The EPC & OA module is used by over 50% of the UK assessor market.
  • Adjust Green Deal and energy efficiency measures to create accurate energy assessments face to face with the customer in a single assessment visit.
  • Manage appointments, jobs and calendar scheduling with Tracker software integration.
  • Store data securely in the cloud via Stroma’s Online Storage Archive (OSA15) as audit evidence.
  • Lodge to Landmark and the Scottish Register instantly via a secure internet connection and access relevant data to be pulled into the software, including address details and Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRNs).

Features Tracker User Guide

EPC functions

  • Collects survey data and creates EPCs via the approved RdSAP methodology for domestic properties.
  • Completes all calculations offline, making it easy to use onsite and speeding up the assessment process.
  • Lodges directly to the Landmark or Scottish Register via an internet connection, on desktop PC or iPad.
  • References and stores EPCs automatically, in an easy-to-use filing system.
  • Allows work to be saved at any point to be completed at a later date.
  • Extracts all lodged survey details into XML for analysis.
  • Automatically backs up survey and Green Deal EPC data, via Stroma’s OSA15 online storage system.
  • A PCDF database, which can also be stored on the iPad, allows DEAs and GDAs to search by boiler type.
  • Address lookup allows address details and UPRN to be downloaded into the survey. *Requires internet connection
  • Add address feature allows addresses not stored in Landmark to be added. *Requires internet connection
  • Traffic light system guides GDAs through the survey section process, highlighting non-conformities or incomplete sections.
  • Camera feature, on the mobile device*, automatically names photos and stores them in the correct sections, and uploads directly to Stroma at lodgement. *Requires iPad 2 or later.
  • DEAs and GDAs can manage their account using the members’ area connections.
  • A live feed on the home screen (both iPad and desktop) displays technical updates and scheme and software news. *Requires internet connection to update
  • Aids compliance with certification scheme auditing requirements.
  • Customised user permissions, dependent on client and customer requirements.
  • Summary status indicators to advise of lodgement status for EPCs and OAs.
  • Records software version at assessor login, for automatic updates.

OA functions

  • Share calendars and communicate appointment and job requests in conjunction with Tracker
  • Creates Occupancy Assessments using the approved methodology.
  • Allows selection of appropriate improvement measures for the dwelling, within an intuitive dashboard-styled user interface.
  • Generates a draft OA report for review prior to lodgement.
  • Lodges the Occupancy Assessment to Landmark instantaneously.
  • Allows for on site lodgement of EPCs and OAs on iPad (or Desktop when connected to the Internet).
  • Locks Occupancy Assessment content after it has been lodged.
  • Automatically retrieves property data from Landmark via XML using a Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN).
  • Allows Advisor to collect evidence on-device using any camera app, and upload it directly at lodgement. *Requires iPad 2 or later
  • Allows selection of appropriate improvement measures for the dwelling, so that the Advisor is able to specify which measures are feasible in practice.
  • Allows for specification of particular elements of the energy-efficiency measures e.g. insulation thickness.
  • Provides automated, secure data storage via OSA15, meeting certification and auditing requirements.

Explaining RdSAP

Stroma Software’s EPC & OA module is based on RdSAP methodology, for compliance with Governmental requirements.

The Reduced Data Standard Assessment Procedure (RdSAP) was developed by the Government for use in assessing existing dwellings. RdSAP is a system of property data collection, together with defaults and inference procedures, that generates a complete set of input data for calculation. To enable the energy ratings of properties to be fairly compared, RdSAP has been designed to assess the building rather than its occupants. This means that individual household behaviour is irrelevant and an Occupancy Assessment (OA) is required to assess behavioural factors for a full Green Deal Assessment.

RdSAP makes the following behavioural assumptions:

  • Standard occupancy – the size of the dwelling determines the number of occupants and therefore the hot water requirement.
  • Standard heating pattern – the heating requirement is based on the volume of the dwelling, following standard heating patterns of 9 hours heating a day during the week and 16 hours a day at the weekend. The living area is heated to 21°C and the rest of the house to 18°C.

The EPC Module additionally draws information from databases within the Product Characteristic Data File (PCDF), a regularly-maintained database through which certified Energy Assessors can locate appropriately-calculated seasonal efficiencies and characteristics for heating and related products; this therefore reduces the risk of miscalculation and confusion with data.

OA calculations

The software simplifies the assessment, calculation and lodgement process for Occupancy Assessments. The Occupancy Assessment (OA) software module within Tracker Mobile will cover all calculation requirements required for a domestic Green Deal assessment:

  • Predict the energy demands of the household, based on the occupants' behavioural patterns and the energy appliances used. These energy demands are then adjusted to account for the actual bill history. Some forms of bill history are more accurate than others, and therefore the software makes a further adjustment based on the type of bill history provided.
  • Calculate the predicted cost of installation, and household energy savings, for each measure identified in the EPC. A regularly updated Product Characteristic Data File (PCDF) is used to determine the key factors for these calculations. In-Use Factors are then applied for each measure, effectively reducing the amount of Green Deal finance that can be offered for each measure, by a set percentage. Their purpose is to account for likely differences between the measure's performance in-situ and under controlled conditions (for example, due to imperfect installation or inappropriate use). In-Use Factors are determined by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and revised every 6 months; the OA software accounts for this.
  • Determine which energy efficiency measures will qualify for Green Deal finance, in full or in part. To qualify, the financial savings of the measure must be greater than the loan repayment. This is known as the Golden Rule.
  • The OA provides a fully comprehensive set of calculations, which are able to specify, which energy efficiency measures are suitable for any given home in the UK.

The Occupancy Assessment is lodged alongside the EPC, together forming a Green Deal Advisory Report for the property.

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