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Formation Software

Formation Software enterprise application launches

Established Stroma Software services expand into new industries

Stroma Software is proud to present Formation, a new enterprise application, opening up the realms of digital form generation and completion to all UK industries. Formation Software removes the strain of increasing development costs by providing a Windows platform for users to easily design their own suite of business forms and then offers a multi-purpose mobile retrieval process for users completing the forms on the move.

Discover Formation Software

Stroma has recognised that many businesses suffer from inflated administrative costs, inefficient record keeping and therefore spiralling overheads. Formation Software is designed as a solution to these problems. It digitises many traditional business operational processes and synchronises data in real time from the field, via mobile tablets, to a back end management system. Save on data usage as Formation detects available Wi-Fi connections before transferring large files back to the office. Data is encrypted to further enhance security, without compromising fast, accurate and simple data transfer.

Formation Software is readily available in two versions: Standard and Professional. Standard is built to cater for any business with a premade suite of industry-ready forms. The creative expansion offered by the Professional suite allows flexible adaptation to suit the industry related project.

The fast and flexible business application is available on Windows, plus Apple iOS, Android devices and Web Portal to deliver an accessible alternative to cumbersome, time-consuming paperwork. All forms and frameworks used by a business can instead be replicated in Formation Software with administrative ease, with the added benefit of integrating additional data collection techniques such as video/image capture, voice recognition and document/image annotations.

formation software

Key to Formation Software is its flexibility. At concept stage businesses can choose from an extensive stock of prebuilt forms to manage processes such as administration tasks, expenses, mileage, order forms, registers, delivery notes and many more. Alternatively, clients can simply create unique data collection forms with a user-friendly ‘drag and drop’ form design tool. This is fully scalable and capable of mirroring requirements from SMEs to large enterprises and corporations.

The tiered access application enables forms/documents to be prepopulated and then assigned to specific individuals within the company or by department. Field based staff are provided with a plethora of data capture techniques including text, numeric, calculations, images, video, audio, postcode lookup, dynamic grids and barcode scanner. Formation Software’s enterprise application delivers business efficiency savings in document creation, data collection and management.

formation software

Client Case Study

“We originally bought Formation with the intention of creating a job completion process which was quicker, looked more professional and - most importantly - provided a better audit trail for any queries that we may later receive. Using Formation we were able to create a bespoke form which evidences the work we had completed using annotated photos and that captures a signature from our customer to acknowledge completion. It halves the time of the sign-off process to 15 minutes, which is significant given that we use this roughly 300 times every month. After having the software for a few weeks it became obvious that it could be used in so many other areas of our business. We now use it to save time on staff mileage and expense claims (where it integrates into Sage), to carry out site-audits and to help with scoping visits for our consultancy teams. Across the entire business I estimate that we save just under £1,700 per month in man-hours, which is phenomenal from a finance perspective. We bought the Professional version of the software with a 35 user license and, even after taking into account the first year’s support fees; the monthly savings mean that it has a return on investment of less than 10 months.”

Formation also promises secure data collection and storage. It is ideal for businesses who want to present a professional approach to customers as personalised company logos and branding comes as standard. This is achieved through the Formation Management Studio, a central management portal to give complete control over forms activity. Stroma has already seen interest in Formation software from the retail, technology, education and healthcare sectors with many more businesses expected to follow suit. The software has already proven its ability to digitise and manage many traditional paper-based tasks such as stock audits, insurance forms, vehicle inspections and manifests. The features of this enterprise application are:

Formation - back office system

  • Set forms with a drag and drop form creation
  • Assign forms to colleagues with specific permissions
  • Hosted on a secure server environment
  • Personalised company branding
  • Monitor user activity and generate reports with a workflow tracker
  • Send form notifications to field users
  • Simple user dashboard gives an overview of existing projects
  • Completed forms returned in smart PDF format or via data transfer
  • Actions monitored via an audit tracking system
  • Design PDF outputs
  • Integrates into your existing ERP/CRM database

Field based data collection

  • Create forms using Formation Management Studio
  • Compatible with Apple (iOS) and Android devices
  • Capture a range of media rich content such as photos, videos and audio
  • Enter free text, currency fields, customisable grids, perform calculations and sketch with the drawing tool
  • Annotate and edit photos on your mobile device or in situ
  • Customisable grids and tables
  • PAF Postcode validation for UK addresses
  • Barcode and QR Code Reader
  • Ability to work offline removing the need to be connected online at all times
  • Collect signatures with an e-signature tool
  • Simple user dashboard gives an overview of forms status
  • GPS Geo Tracking Functionality
  • Print and email forms
  • Cloud Storage
  • Update form status
  • Synchronise in real time for form approval

Full training on the software is offered to clients and technical assistance is provided during the initial integration alongside long term software assurance contracts to ensure clients receive newly upgraded software features first. Formation Software is a landmark release for Stroma Software. With a track record of high quality in-house developments of software applications now used extensively across the energy industry, Stroma has now applied this knowledge to bring a fast, flexible, paperless software tool to UK businesses.

Formation software can be accessed via a network of UK accredited partnerss offering integration advice and full support. If you are interested in becoming a Formation Accredited Partner and have experience within a particular industry, please visit the Formation software website for more information.