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OSA 15

Online Secure Archive (OSA 15)

Online storage in the cloud

Stroma Certification’s Online Secure Archive (OSA 15) provides energy assessors with a secure online storage back-up. Keep a secondary back-up of your documents and assessment data protected in a remote cloud-based storage account.

Store it online with OSA 15    

OSA 15

OSA 15

Exclusive Stroma software

OSA 15 has been developed specifically for our members and clients.

OSA 15

Why OSA 15?

It’s called OSA 15 because documents are backed-up for 15 years as required by the DCLG.

OSA 15

Data management

OSA 15 integrates with Tracker & Tracker Mobile to back-up data securely and efficiently.

Accomplish your audits.

The Online Secure Archive performs secure and remote data storage for assessors to maintain a copy of any required documents for the necessary time period in addition to the master copy kept in your own document archive. Preparing for an audit shouldn’t be a hassle. OSA 15 gives you an alternative to locate your data should you need it.

OSA 15
OSA 15

An online advantage.

Remove the problem of a virus wiping your computer’s files. Crashed computers needn’t cause a nightmare. Even lost cameras, iPads and Android devices won’t set you back. Data from Stroma software is kept off device, in the cloud in your OSA 15 account space.

Your secondary back-up archive.

The Online Secure Archive helps you back up your data. Photos, evidence, site notes and floor plans with vast file sizes can be stored within OSA 15. You have the peace of mind knowing that your data is secure and backed-up should your own system fail. Evidence can normally be accessed instantly within 12 months of lodgement. After this the evidence is placed in long term storage.

Simple, safe and secure.

Access OSA 15 from any operating system (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8 and Windows 10). All information is stored in one place, with full back-up and disaster recovery plans.

Please remember that assessors should always keep a copy of their evidence in addition to any back-up. It is also the assessor's responsibility to check that any evidence has been received by the OSA system.

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