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ECO 2 Software

ECO 2 Software

ECO 2 scoring provided by our powerful ECO engine

Stroma Certification’s ECO 2 software saves you time and improves the accuracy of your ECO scoring calculations. Working in compliance with Energy Company Obligation standards it provides ECO 2 scores to Ofgem requirements.

Now approved by the BRE (on behalf of Ofgem) for ECO 2.

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ECO 2 Software

ECO 2 Software

Compliant with ECO 2

ECO 2 Software has an approved ECO 2 calculation engine for the ECO journey.

ECO 2 Software

Industry Prestige

Among few software tools to gain BRE approval for ECO scoring.

ECO 2 Software

Efficient Performance

The tool’s smart data validation rules identify avoidable errors quickly.

Powered by the ECO 2 Engine.

A unique system to provide vast time savings compared to manual calculations. Performs Ofgem-compliant ECO calculations in seconds to produce ECO Scores.

Stroma Survey

EPR Submission

Cost per measure for the ECO Scores Report

Non-Stroma Survey

EPR Submission

Cost per measure for the ECO Scores Report

All quoted prices exclude VAT. * Standard EPC Lodgement rates apply for Stroma members. EPR Submissions are free providing the EPC for the corresponding property has been lodged with Stroma Certification, by the same company. ** Non-members may join Stroma for free to enable EPC lodgements and EPR submissions. *** Capped at £1.50 per property for Stroma members and £3.00 per property for non-members

Assisting your lodgements.

The ECO tool produces XML outputs in LIG schema – the same format as EPCs to assist in lodgements. Previous lodgements can be listed by account and easily identified with an ECO ID number.

Evidencing you can trust.

After approval in compliance with 9.92, the ECO 2 Scoring Tool continues to aid ECO evidencing by utilising RdSAP to produce pre and post XML outputs.

Interface with Tracker.

Companies can use the ECO 2 Scoring Tool through Tracker. View the certificates or reports lodged by each of their assessors. Tracker has the ability to provide compliant ECO calculations for selected properties.

Software of choice for the ‘Big Six’.

Our ECO software is hugely popular with the ‘Big Six’ energy companies providing key service delivery throughout the lifespan of the Energy Company Obligation.


Stroma Certification’s innovative ECO 2 Scoring Tool performs Ofgem-compliant ECO 2 scoring calculations (approved by the Building Research Establishment (BRE)). It helps to align with the Green Deal and ECO journey and functions as a standalone system, with the option to integrate it with your existing IT platform.

The calculations provided by Stroma's ECO Software help assessors to identify properties which qualify for ECO funding, producing reliable data on carbon savings, cost savings and In-Use Factors for compliant Ofgem reporting.

What are the features of ECO 2 Software?

Stroma’s ECO 2 (version software allows users to:

  • Build an ECO Scores Report for £0.50 per measure (see pricing above)
  • Save ECO calculations as .seco files to load at a later date.
  • Add multiple measures to a single property and be able to calculate individual scores - a single step that also allows the user to change the measure order easily.
  • Retrieve the Stroma Site notes for each survey, which aids auditing requirements.
  • Select individual building sections and the percentage of install for various measures.
  • List previous ECO lodgments by account, along with an ECO ID to use at a later date.
  • Search for a boiler by; Make, Model, Boiler index number, or GC Number.
  • Calculate by; ECO ID, XML, RDSAPID or RRN.
  • Recognise extensions to the property and the ability to include these extensions within the calculation.
  • Follow a simpler structure, with explanatory guide features.

How does the ECO 2 engine work?

Stroma’s powerful ECO Engine performs the Ofgem-compliant ECO calculations to produce ECO Scores. This ensures vast time savings compared to manual calculations and adds to the remarkable cost efficiencies of using the ECO 2 Scoring Tool. Several different interfaces are available to best meet each user’s requirements.

The BRE-approved ECO 2 tool uses RdSAP as its core engine to produce a ‘before and after’ XML output. This data is also presented in ECO Scores Report, a ‘read-only’ PDF document suitable for using as evidence.

The XML generated by the ECO 2 engine is written in LIG-17.0 schema, the format used for EPCs. This means that the output can be imported back into an approved RdSAP engine, where it can be compliance-checked against scheme operating requirements and then used to lodge a post-installation EPC.

Can I integrate ECO 2 Software with my existing systems?

Yes. ECO Software works with Stroma Certification’s Tracker workflow management software or third party CRM systems:


An interface to the tool is also available within Tracker which enables companies to view the certificates/reports lodged by each of their assessors; by right-clicking on any item within the list, users can open the ECO Scoring Tool and undertake compliant ECO calculations for the selected property. Tracker's ECO Scoring Tool functionality is identical to the Online Tool.

ECO Engine Web Interface

The ECO Engine can also be fully integrated with third party CRM systems through a web interface, for optimal efficiency. This approach can be used to undertake batch calculations (handling thousands of calculations in a single minute); or to produce and retrieve ECO scores in real time, as soon as an installed measure is entered into the CRM system. Built into the interactive service is an error handling and exceptions reporting function, which allows the user to interrogate errors and implement remedial actions.

Start using our ECO 2 compliant ECO Software today by contacting our sales team via info@stroma.com or call 0845 621 11 11.