Welcome to the team, Michael Earendil

Michael Earendil joins Stroma as a Software Developer for our Certification and Software division. Michael's role will support the development and continuous improvement of our RSAP+ app for Android, iOS and desktop to enhance the user experience for our energy assessor members.

We caught up with Michael to find out more about his career history and what attracted him to join Stroma.

Tell us a bit about your career history.

"After studying computer games programming at university, I applied my software skills in a range of industries over the past ten years, including engineering, healthcare, logistics, tourism and now the built environment industry."

What attracted you to join Stroma?

"The philosophy of Stroma, the range of technologies utilised and the desire to innovate and integrate new ones, as well as the passion shown by the management team."

Tell us a bit about your role at Stroma?

"I am responsible for developing the RSAP+ app for Android, iOS and desktop for our Certification division."

What's an interesting fact about you / your favourite hobby?

"I enjoy travelling and have lived in Australia on two separate occasions. I am a homebrewer and have made fruit wine, mead and beer."

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