Stroma becomes a Supply Chain Sustainability School partner

The Stroma Group has signed up to be an official partner of the Supply Chain Sustainability School (SCSS). We will work with the school to continue our decade-long track record of improving the knowledge and experience of the construction industry supply chain.

Joining the SCSS was an ideal fit for Stroma due to our shared values in promoting sustainability throughout the Built Environment. The School works with the supply chain and offers training, CPD, networking events and e-learning across Sustainability, Management and Offsite areas to improve knowledge in the Construction, FM, Homes and Infrastructure sectors.

Stroma becomes a Supply Chain Sustainability School partner

How will Stroma help with SCSS?

The SCSS will extend the work being done by Stroma Group companies throughout the construction industry supply chain. Companies registered with the School will have access to dedicated Stroma training sessions about driving sustainability over the course of the whole construction lifecycle. We are also looking to build lasting collaborative relationships with clients, contractors, subcontractors, architects and designers to promote energy efficient means of working.

BIM (Building Information Modelling) and Facilities Management are two areas which Stroma and the Supply Chain Sustainability School has identified as key priorities. Our BIM Lead Assessors will be working with SCSS representatives to improve the knowledge of the industry around digital construction methods. Our staff will help companies to identify their roles within the digital construction supply chain and how to prosper in a BIM-enabled industry.

Post Construction is a growth area for Stroma and we have dramatically enhanced our service catalogue available for buildings in operation. This includes Health & Safety services, Formation digital forms software, MEES and ESOS which all aim to make the process of managing an existing building simpler for our clients.

Why join the School?

The SCSS aims to improve collaboration throughout the supply chain in order to enable a sustainable built environment. They commit to achieve this by following eight core values:

  • Providing appropriate learning content to build skills in sustainability
  • Providing learning content free to the target audience
  • Providing CPD content which contributes to professional qualifications
  • Promoting funding into new research
  • Creating a centre of excellence
  • Seeking global partners to drive learning content in the UK and worldwide
  • Seeking partners with common values
  • Funding the School via partner contributions, government funding and other non-member funding

Become a member of the SCSS

Joining the Supply Chain Sustainability School is completely free. Register online in just 5 minutes and gain access to more than 600 School resources all designed by Partners to help you build a competitive advantage within the construction industry.

Registered Office: 4 Pioneer Way, Castleford, West Yorkshire, WF10 5QU