Stroma Group responds to Future Building Standard Consultation

The Stroma Group has now published its response to the government’s consultation on changes to Part L and Part F of the Building Regulations. For non-domestic buildings and dwellings as well as overheating in residential buildings.

The government's consultation regarding the Future Building Standard ran from 18th January to 12th April 2021.

You can read about this consultation in more detail here.

This consultation outlines proposals for a Future Building Standard, highlighting a roadmap to improvements in the efficiency of non-domestic buildings which are zero carbon ready and better for the environment.

"I am delighted with the efforts of the group to respond to the Future Buildings Standard consultation. This was the latest single consultation that I have seen from government and the amount of detail and information that needed to be reviewed was massive.

Considering that this was following a similarly large consultation on the Future Homes Standard and also contained quite a bit of cross over, it required a concerted and cross-department effort. Well done to all involved, and hopefully, this gives Stroma Certification members and Stroma Group clients some assistance in interpreting some of the points and questions in the consultation and also an indication of our thoughts and feelings relating to the direction of travel from the government.

I look forward to seeing the results of the consultation and the final versions of the regulations. Stroma Certification will now focus on further development to our SAP 10 Beta and launching a CPD to cover what the regulations and methodologies are likely to look like." - Andrew Parkin, Director of Energy Certification

You can read Stroma’s response in full here.