Stroma Group Colleague October Competitions round-up

Project of the Month

Sam Sumner, Stroma Built Environment, Acoustics

Project Team: Rohail Javed, Tom Chaffer

Description of Project
Stroma Built Environment was appointed to provide acoustic consultancy services for the proposed expansion of Hartford high School. The scheme involved the construction of a new three storey secondary school building. The acoustic design was reviewed with regard to satisfying the Acoustic design of schools: performance standards Building Bulletin 93 (BB93) design requirements. The scheme contains a number of new teaching spaces as well as teaching spaces intended specifically for students with special hearing and communication needs.

What we did, why we did it - Benefits to client
A number of aspects regarding the acoustic design was reviewed for the purposes of meeting the BB93 design requirements (the minimum performance standards for the acoustics of school buildings),and demonstrating compliance with Building Regulations.
Aspects such as planning, façade performance, sound insulation, rain noise, reverberation, internal/external M&E were all assessed. Pre-completion testing comprising sound insulation, reverberation and ambient testing was carried out when the building was complete to demonstrate compliance with BB93.

A number of acoustic issues were uncovered during testing with remedial work proposed on the spot that corrected the problems effectively and efficiently. Re-tests were then carried out the same day to achieve the passes needed by the client without any further costs incurred. The client was very happy that the knowledge and expertise of the engineers allowed the on-site problems to be rectified quickly which in turn eliminated significant future problems.

Photo of the Month

We returned joint winners to the Photo of the Month competition for October. Stroma Specialist Access’ Mick Smith, for his images on Rope Access remedial and inspection works, and Tomasz Stec for his images from an Air Tightness Testing project.