Safety. Sustainability. Compliance. - a new strapline for Stroma Group

Safety. Sustainability. Compliance. - three words which independently or together have and will come to define Stroma Group. As a new strapline for our business, it is a phrase which represents a commitment to our clients, members and stakeholders about the standards they can expect. We explain why our new strapline was chosen, its origins and why we believe it is so important.

Engrained in our History

In 2002, Stroma Group was formed in response to changes in Part L of the Building Regulations. During the early 2000's, we built an initial reputation on delivering building performance testing services during the construction phase of a project, such as for air permeability and acoustics. It represents only part of our story, however, as through organic growth and acquisition Stroma's history became richer and more varied. The advent and progression of the businesses now known as Stroma Building Control, Stroma Built Environment, Stroma Certification and Stroma Specialist Access reveal that standards of safety, sustainability and compliance have always been core to the values we can bring to any customer relationship.

What does Safety. Sustainability. Compliance. mean to Stroma?

At Stroma we believe in a specific value proposition for our clients to provide support before, between and beyond construction for better buildings and assets. This runs through the consultancy support we offer to Architect and Design teams before work begins on site, through the Building Regulations insight belonging to our qualified Building Control Surveyors, to the dedicated technical support offered to Energy Assessors by our Certification team and the crucial inspection and maintenance of existing assets delivered by our key workers in Stroma Specialist Access. Safety, Sustainability and Compliance binds all this work together.

  • Safety – this has grown in importance during the past few years, given paritcular focus by the Building a Safer Future review. Contributing to users of buildings and built assets being safe in their surroundings is perhaps the most noble of benefits to our role on any project
  • Sustainability – the need to protect our planet for future generations is an ethical issue which spans beyond construction. Environmental sustainability has always been the bedrock of our business. As more and more of our clients adopt green, zero carbon and other sustainability initiatives, our ability to interpret and advise upon the development and application of sustainable building practices has never been more vital
  • Compliance – Building Regulations and environmental legislation is complex and ever-changing. Our voice amongst policy makers feeds into our ability to provide specialist services to our clients so that they are best placed to act in line with regulation and legislation

Can we support your next project?

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