RSAP+ Software update: coming soon!

Stroma Software is preparing to launch a new and improved version of our RSAP+ Software application. The update includes cross-platform functionality, a significant step forward for the energy assessment sector, to enable the production of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) across all iOS, Android and Desktop platforms.

This is a big undertaking and Stroma is keen to deliver this before the industry sees an update to the RdSAP methodology in late 2017.

RSAP+ Software update: coming soon!

Cross-platform functionality

The cross-platform functionality of the newly updated RSAP+ Software enables work to be carried out across your existing devices, meaning users won’t suffer additional equipment costs:

  • Windows PC
  • Mac (due late 2017)
  • Tablet (iPad, Android and Windows tablet)
  • Smartphone (iPhone, Android and Windows phone)

For the first time, RSAP+ brings all of the EPC functionality currently available on desktop applications to all other mobile devices. With this functionality, a single survey can be completed across multiple devices by beginning the survey on a Windows desktop, continuing it out in the field on a mobile device and saving the data into the secure back-office system on return to a desktop. The software has been designed to minimise changes to data entry and the look and feel of the platform to ensure that functionality is the same across all compatible platforms.

Key features

The pending release of RSAP+ Software will bring a suite of new and enhanced features to enable the completion of competent and compliant assessment work against the approved RdSAP methodology for domestic properties and certification scheme auditing requirements.

The key update to RSAP+ is the cross-platform functionality to enable all calculation and lodgement requirements of an EPC to be completed at any time, in any place. With the ability to work across iOS and Android devices, as well as Windows desktop, users of RSAP+ Software can efficiently collect and share all required data, including media, between devices. You can complete accurate calculations offline, including adjustable energy efficiency measures and energy installation and cost saving calculations, and streamline lodgements directly to Landmark or the Scottish Register via a secure internet connection. Surveys can be saved at any point to be completed at a later date and stored securely in the simple filing system of Stroma’s Online Secure Archive (OSA15) for data analysis.

Plus, Stroma Software’s in-house software development capability means there is no charge for use of our software. The revised RSAP+ Software will exist on a single, unified platform, reducing Stroma Software’s development time to enable us to continue our free software provision to our members.

Supporting the energy assessment sector

As the largest assessor certification provider in the UK, Stroma Certification has a responsibility to our members to keep you informed of industry changes as they happen. We ensure our teams are monitoring these updates, including the changes to RdSAP methodology and Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES), to offer you the best solutions to remain compliant. Our software provisions, technical support offerings and industry updates are just some of the ways we help our members to remain competitive as a business as well as working to relevant standards.

RSAP+ Software has been created in-house to help our members carry out accurate and compliant energy assessment data capture. The update to RSAP+ Software provides a crucial tool for energy assessors, helping you to make a positive impression in the property sector where there is a large amount of assessment work available.

Andy Parkin, Stroma Certification Technical Manager, said, 'Stroma has always been the first to market with such offerings and endeavours to offer solutions to its members at the best possible value. I see the update to RSAP+ Software as a real change within the industry, giving our assessors the freedom to choose platforms which work for them, without additional cost. Our members are at the core of Stroma and we’re committed to delivering the tools which will help you to succeed in our industry.'

DEA CPD Roadshow – new dates!

Stroma Certification has recently announced some new dates for our DEA CPD Roadshow. Attendees can experience a preview of the updates to RSAP+ Software with live demonstrations available at each event. Our experts will be attending venues across the UK to deliver the update and offer face-to-face advice on our software and other key industry updates; MEES, a new SOR, Brexit, SAP/RdSAP changes, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and a Floor Plan drawing service. The events will be held across the UK and are free to attend for Stroma members and £35 (+VAT) for non-members.

Testing and release

Following completion of all relevant testing, the updated RSAP+ Software will be released. We will begin field testing in the coming weeks, with an early adopter testing scheme available to members. Please register your details if you wish to take part.

Stroma will be contacting customers when the update to RSAP+ Software is due to be released. In the meantime, keep up to date with all Stroma activities through our website and social media channels. Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

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