Time capsule: RSAP+ OA Module receives BRE approval

In November 2014, it was announced that Stroma Certification’s RSAP+ Occupancy Assessment (OA) Module was awarded full Building Research Established (BRE) approval. In this month’s 15th anniversary time capsule, we take a look back at some of the milestones in the development of RSAP+ as the market-leading energy assessment software suite.

This includes the announcement of our new and improved cross platform RSAP+ Software in October 2017.

RSAP+ receives RdSAP 9.92 software approval in 2014

After receiving BRE approval for our OA Module in 2014, RSAP+ featured on BRE’s list of approved RdSAP programs for use in calculating occupancy assessments for existing dwellings. By receiving BRE approval, the software allowed our members to remain complaint when lodging occupancy assessments under the RdSAP methodology.

RdSAP is occasionally updated to reflect improved Building Regulations and changes to Government regulations. Our software is regularly upgraded to adapt to any changes in the RdSAP methodology. This ensures our domestic energy assessors remain compliant when using the software to perform energy and occupancy assessments.

Prior to RSAP+ receiving BRE approval for the OA Module, the EPC module was awarded similar approval in September 2014. This meant that the full suite of software was meeting the current compliance standards for that time, RdSAP 9.92.

Meeting compliance standards for RdSAP 9.93 in 2017

In preparation for the move to 9.93 from 9.92 on the 5th November 2017, Stroma Certification announced that its RSAP+ EPC Module received approval for use with the latest RdSAP specification. To ensure our Domestic Energy Assessors (DEAs) produce EPCs compliantly, we updated our software to support RdSAP 9.93 standards before its implementation.

New and approved RSAP+ now available!

Following many months of hard work from our in-house development team, we were pleased to announce our new and approved RSAP+ Software in October 2017. The new software allows our members to perform EPC calculations and certification lodgements online on more devices and operating systems than ever before.

The latest version of the software supports Windows 10 desktop devices, tablets and phones, iPads and iPhones with iOS, and Android devices including smartphones and tablets. In the near future, we will also be releasing a version which supports Mac capability. Additional updates include a range of data entry improvements and time saving features and the launch of our Floor Plan Sketch & Send service.

In order to start using the latest version, please visit the relevant app store to re-download the software (Microsoft App Store, Google Play Store, Apple Store). For more information, please download our RSAP+ Software user manual.

Need help updating to the latest version of RSAP+?

To mark the launch of our brand new software, we are hosting a range of seminars to support our users with the transition to the latest version. The online sessions will include demonstrations across all operating systems to support all RSAP+ users with the new features and updates to the software.

Please be aware, not all features and functionality of the software is available for all users. These will be added in due course.

In the meantime, we will continue to support the current version (PC RSAP and iPad RSAP 3.3.5) of the software until all functionality works for all users.

For more information regarding the update to RSAP+ Software, please contact our team on 01977 665420 (ext. 614).

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