Update: The release of RdSAP 9.93

After an initial delay in its release, the latest version of the RdSAP methodology has been announced. From Sunday 19th November, RdSAP 9.92 will be replaced with the new 9.93 version for domestic EPCs in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Lodging EPC surveys for RdSAP 9.93

Like other updated versions, the release of the latest methodology will take place on a Sunday to minimise downtime for lodgements and any adverse impacts on your work. To transition from RdSAP 9.92 to 9.93, the Central Register will be unavailable from 11pm on Saturday 18th November until 5pm Sunday 19th November. During this time, you will be unable to lodge any EPC surveys until the Central Register has been updated to accept RdSAP 9.93 EPCs.

In preparation for the interruption to the Central Register service, we recommend that you complete and lodge all EPC surveys that have performed against 9.92 by 11pm on Saturday 18th November. This will ensure that your reports are compliant with the existing RdSAP version. After this time, the Central Register will not accept domestic reports generated under RdSAP 9.92.

We expect the Central Register to be up and running by 5pm on Sunday 19th November. We expect members will be able to lodge assessments under the 9.93 methodology from 10am on Monday 20th November. Please be aware that should any issues occur, this time is subject to change.

Updating your RSAP+ Software

Following the changeover to RdSAP 9.93, Stroma members will then need to update their software to the latest version to allow for 9.93 lodgements.

Users of RSAP+ v3.07 (new multi-platform app) will receive notification from the app store to update. Users of RSAP+ v2.0.019 (PC Desktop) will receive an on-screen instruction to close the app to automatically apply the update. Users of RSAP+ v3.35+ (Old iPad only) will need to click on the following link on your iPad - Update RSAP+.

In each case, all local surveys MUST be saved online BEFORE updating the app to avoid any data loss.

What are the changes in RdSAP 9.93?

Whilst there are no new data points to consider (aside to a single new transaction type) and nothing in terms of data entry has changed, there are some small, incremental changes to the RdSAP methodology.

Below are the key changes to the methodology, which are mostly back-end changes:

  • U-values for solid and cavity walls, and certain other walls with insulation have changed – typically improving the Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) of some older properties when compared to results in RdSAP 9.92.
  • Infiltration rate for suspended timber floors with insulation – this will improve the EER where present.
  • Carbon Emission Factor for the amount of renewable electricity generation will improve to 0.25 – this related to the amount of electricity produced by renewables and how the rate of this electricity production has increased in the UK during the last few years. Essentially, the 0.25 factor means that the software will assume that 25% of the electricity used in the property has been produced using a renewable source. This will typically improve the Environment Impact Rating (EIR) on page two of the EPC.
  • A new recommendation of Cavity Party Wall Insulation (CPWI) has been added. This will appear when an unfilled cavity party wall is identified and the measure generates a 1 SAP point rating uplift and sufficient cost-savings.
  • A new transaction type of Stock Condition Survey – this can now be used where appropriate.

Typically, this new methodology will show improvements in ratings on the EPC for older traditional build properties with electrical heating and water heating.

Changes to the conventions

As you may be aware with other RdSAP releases, an updated set of conventions (Version 10) will follow. This will happen once all parties are happy with the final conventions document. Presently, we do not have a release date for this document, but once a date is set and the Government confirms this, we will inform our members. The new version of conventions will be made available, along with an updated methodology manual which will highlight where the new conventions apply.

RSAP+ Software approval for RdSAP 9.93

In time for the release of the latest methodology, we are pleased to announce that our RSAP+ EPC and OA Modules have received approval for use with RdSAP 9.93. The software has been updated to support the latest specification to ensure DEAs produce EPCs against the compliant standards for RdSAP 9.93.

To coincide with the update, our RSAP+ Software will be unavailable until 5pm Sunday 19th November to allow time for us to update the software to the latest methodology.

Members may resume lodgements via RSAP+ from 10am on Monday 20th November.

New RSAP+ Software (Xamarin Versions) now available!

We were also pleased to announce the release of our brand new RSAP+ Software in October, which is now available for download.

The latest version enables users to access the software on more devices than ever before, including:

  • All Windows 10 devices (PC, Tablet, Phone)
  • Android devices (Tablet and Phone)
  • Apple iOS devices (Tablet and Phone)

As there is no additional charges for using mobile devices, members now have the freedom of choice on how they wish to perform their EPC assessments. For more information, please visit RSAP+ Software or download the RSAP+ Software user manual.

If you have any questions about the transition from RdSAP 9.92 to RdSAp 9.93 please contact our Technical Support team on 01977 665 420 (ext. 614) or email domestic@stroma.com.

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