Part L Consultation Review - Book our CPD dates

Stroma Group has now released its response to the proposed changes to Part L of the Building Regulations as part of the government’s new Future Homes Standard. The document sets our major changes to the Regulations as government outlines its roadmap for the journey to a zero carbon Britain.

"This is arguably the biggest performance uplift we have seen throughout the history of Part L1. The next two years will be very challenging for the industry. Stroma Built Environment is ready to support our clients with meeting the new Part L targets and we look forward to discussing your future projects."

Andy Mitchell, Director of Energy Services

If you'd like to speak to a member of our consultancy team about the changes to Part L and the Future Homes Standard, please call us on 01924 237 500 or email

Read our guides to the Part L changes

Stroma has produced two short guides outlining the proposed changes to Part L of the Building Regulations.

Part L Consultation Review (Commercial)

Stroma has summarised the key points from the government consultation into Part L2A of the Building Regulations. The industry will be challenged to move away from gas and towards mains electric. We anticipate supporting clients at design stage with the changes and any implications for forthcoming projects.

This update is an interim step towards the Future Building Standards which is proposed for release in 2025. Read our review of Part L2A changes.

Part L Consultation Review (Domestic)

The roadmap for these changes is to deliver Zero Carbon ready New Homes by 2025. This is the first of two stages to achieve this target. All homes will be required to meet four new compliance parameters: Energy Efficiency, Fabric Energy Efficiency, Carbon Saving and Affordability.

The new Part L1A and the associated Overheating Approved Document are due to be introduced from June 2022. Read our review of Part L1A changes.

Book our latest Part L CPD dates

We've now announced two dates for online CPD sessions further explaining the proposed changes to Part L of the Building Regulations. Andy Mitchell (Director of Energy Services) will present on Part L1A on Thursday 18 March at 12.00pm. Then Richard de Fleury (Principal Energy Consultant) will present on Part L2A on Thursday 25 March at 12.00pm.

Both sessions will count for 1 hour CPD.