Making the Hackitt Report work for safer buildings

The professional representative body for Approved Inspectors, ACAI (Association of Consultant Approved Inspectors) have released their response to the Hackitt Review.

The ACAI response takes the Hackitt proposals for new high risk buildings and makes them simpler, clearer and more achievable. The ACAI proposals provide for better assurance, management and enforcement of building safety, whilst retaining the industry expertise and commercial choice that has supported effective delivery of safe new development over the past 20 years.

Making the Hackitt Report work for safer buildings

Read the ACAI proposal in full.

Stroma’s Summary of the Hackitt Review

We are pleased to issue our summary document which analyses and explains the recommendations made in the Hackitt Report.

The Grenfell and subsequent fires have highlighted cultural flaws in the current regulatory system underpinned by misunderstood and misinterpreted regulations and guidance, motivation to do things as quickly and cheaply as possible, a lack of roles and responsibilities clarity and inadequate regulatory oversight and enforcement tools.

The ACAI, of which we influence, has strong views on the Hackitt Report. Recommendations contained in the Hackitt Report are subject to possible alteration in the coming months. Stroma is committed to maintaining a close watch on these developments and we will inform our clients accordingly.

Dave Allen, Managing Director, Building Control

Read our review of the Hackitt Report.

Full details about the Grenfell Inquiry can be found on the official website.

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