The Hackitt Report is published

The Hackitt Report has now been published following the tragedy that occurred at Grenfell Tower on 14 June 2017. Dame Judith Hackitt, in her report, calls for an overhaul of the construction industry. The report does not, as many expected, confirm an outright ban on the use of combustible materials. This issue is anticipated to be debated further at government level and during the inquiry into Grenfell which began in May.

Hackitt Report recommendations: a summary

The crux of the report is a “radical overhaul” of the way high-rise structures are designed, constructed and refurbished. Specifically, it mentions:

The Hackitt Report is published
  • A more intensive regulatory framework should be established for new and existing high rise residential properties which are 10 storeys high or more
  • Creating a procurement environment which prioritises safety over cost
  • Establishing a joint body comprising Building Control, Fire & Rescue and HSE to monitor safety risk management
  • More rigorous enforcement of non-compliance via Local Authorities
  • A new testing regime for construction products to ensure safety
  • The creation of digital records for buildings
  • A mandatory incident reporting system for projects
  • A clear model of Risk Ownership to be affirmed with clear responsibilities for the Client, Designer, Contractor and Owner to demonstrate the delivery and maintenance of SAFE buildings

The new regulatory framework must be simpler and truly “outcome based” rather than prescriptive. This approach requires individuals working as part of the new system to be competent and understanding their responsibilities. Stroma’s Building Control companies have a wealth of experienced surveyors working closely with industry, fire engineers, and fire authorities to deliver safe buildings.

Government Consultation into Combustible Materials

Following much dismay from within and outside the construction industry that the Hackitt Report did not recommend a ban on combustible cladding and insulation, the Government has since announced a consultation on the subject.

James Brokenshire, Housing Minister, said: “…the cladding believed to be on Grenfell Tower was unlawful under existing Building Regulations…Having listened carefully to concerns, the government will consult on banning the use of combustible materials in cladding systems on high-rise residential buildings.”

Comments from Stroma

“Stroma welcomes the publication of the Hackitt Report in response to the Grenfell tragedy. Our experts are currently studying the report in detail and we will subsequently be providing further commentary and support to our clients. We remain committed to working alongside ACAI and other industry stakeholders to ensure safety for the public and all users of Higher Risk Residential Buildings (HRRBs).”
Dave Allen, Director

Do you need assistance interpreting the Building Regulations?

Stroma will be announcing a more detailed response to the Hackitt Report and our perception about its effect on the Building Regulations in the near future.

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