Stroma launch Formation Software

Time Capsule: 1 May 2015

In May 2015, Stroma Software launched Formation Software, a digital form generator software application with multi-industry capabilities.

Developing the software

After recognising that many organisations suffered from inflated administrative costs, inefficient recording keeping and spiralling overheads, Stroma Software developed Formation to offer a digital solution to these problems. The low-cost and flexible software application offers a platform to improve on the accuracy and efficiency of traditional paper-based methods to streamline an organisation’s processes.

Formation is a fast and flexible business application available on Windows, plus iPad and Android devices. With access to an extensive suite of pre-built forms, and the ability to design your own forms, Formation meets the specific requirements of any business, of any size, in any industry. From design through to operation, Formation delivers secure data collection, storage and sharing capabilities.

Formation success stories

The release of Formation Software has enabled Stroma to expand on our previous offering of high quality in-house software applications which are widely used across the construction and energy sectors.

Since its release, Stroma has developed an extensive reseller network for Formation Software which has opened opportunities across the globe. The product’s true flexibility, integration ability and ease of configuration is being recognised by international customers; Texas University are currently implementing Formation Software into their internal processes and systems.

In addition to Formation’s success in the US, and our previous successful clients such as Complete Network Services (CNS) and Data Installation & Supplies Ltd (DIS), Formation Software has also recently been integrated within DocuWare and the Irish Government.

DocuWare integration

Using an API, Formation now offers a direct integration into DocuWare, a document management system for professional enterprise content. Formation enables users to capture to data quickly and easily on mobile devices and submit it to DocuWare. The data is auto-indexed, with all media being clipped to the relevant record, within the DocuWare system.

Irish Government implementation

Formation’s implementation in the Irish Government has been a great success. The body uses Formation to calculate their Consumer Price Index, collecting over 50,000 records of data on mobile devices and analysing results in the back office system of Formation before syncing the information into their central IT systems. Formation has enabled this exercise to be carried out in 7 days, as opposed to the month-long period which it typically took before Formation was introduced.

The Irish Government also make use of the multi-language functionality to capture data from participants in airports and ports. The questions in Formation can be presented in the individual’s preferred language with the responses being returned to the data base in your organisation’s chosen language.

Formation Software is a leading software solution for data management, designed for any business, within any industry. To discuss your requirements or for more information on Formation, please visit the Formation Software website. Or, call our team on 01977 665 420.

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