Government Response to the ECO Consultation

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has released the official response to the ECO: Help to Heat Consultation for April 2017 – September 2018.

Response summary

The document confirms that EPCs will no longer be required, and that deemed scores will become the scoring method for ECO3 and the interim year between ECO2 and ECO3. Deemed scores are expected to simplify the method of assessing bill and carbon savings and will be introduced to replace the current Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) methodology.

ECO Consultation

The changes specify that an uplift will be introduced to bring the new deemed scores more closely into line with the SAP scores achieved under the current scheme. There is an allowance for EPCs for Social Housing properties that score an E, F or G and the consultation response also allows older EPCs to be used, as long as there have been no changes to the property. Stroma Certification will be monitoring this change to see if it does result in cheaper, more effective ECO, or whether it will have the opposite effect.

Stroma Certification’s response

"The prospect of the next tranche of ECO using deemed scores instead of EPCs as part of the scoring process has been a possibility for the last year, so this news is not a huge shock to the industry. Stroma has always been an advocate for accurate scoring in order to offer the process, and the public purse, the best possible value from ECO. Unfortunately, the Government does not share a similar view on this matter and has moved to simplify the pre and post scoring process. I believe that this now leaves the door open to abuses and the net result may mean additional auditing at the end of the banking process."
Andrew Parkin – Stroma Certification Technical Manager

The full Government Response and Impact Assessment can be found on the BEIS website.

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