Coronavirus: Update to our Site Operating Procedures

At Stroma, health and safety is our top priority. We are committed to the safety of our employees and clients when visiting sites.

As construction sites continue to operate, and some start to re-open, we’ve updated our site operating procedures to protect construction workers and minimise risks to the spread of coronavirus.

Firstly, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest Government advice. But here are the steps we’re taking to protect employees and clients whilst working on site.

COVID update

Steps taken to protect on-site workers

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for site workers

For employees working on-site, we’re providing adequate PPE, including face masks and gloves. Any reusable PPE will be thoroughly cleaned after each use, and one-use PPE will be disposed of.

Alcohol-based hand sanitiser is provided to each employee for use before and after visiting each site, ensuring good personal hygiene.

Avoiding close working

To follow the Government’s social distancing guidance, employees are required to:
• Follow the two-metres rule when working on-site, wherever possible
• Avoid communal site areas where possible, including large gatherings
• Hold any site meetings outside wherever possible
• Avoid all bodily contact, including handshaking or using the same equipment

If an activity cannot be undertaken following social distancing guidelines, we advise that this does not take place. We will work with you to arrange a suitable alternative.

24-hour communication before site visits

Before a visit by a Stroma employee to your site, we’ll be contacting you to discuss any risks we may need to be aware of, including the steps we’re taking to reduce any risks. It’s also an opportunity to discuss any requirements you have for contractors visiting your site.

Travelling to and from site

Employees are required to travel to and from sites on their own, and where possible, avoid using public transport. Employees are reminded to ensure company vehicles are cleaned regularly, and stocked with the appropriate PPE equipment, including hand sanitiser.

Procedures if someone falls ill on-site

If an employee develops a high-temperature or a persistent cough whilst visiting a site, we have instructed them to:
• Leave the site immediately and return home
• Keep away from other site workers whilst leaving the site
• Avoid touching surfaces where possible
• Prevent the spread of germs and cough or sneeze into a tissue and put it into a bin; or into your elbow


If an employee develops coronavirus symptoms, we have advised them to contact their line manager as soon as possible. If an employee is unable to attend a site visit, we’re contacting the relevant site manager to provide an alternative Stroma representative, or an alternative date.

Stroma employees have been advised to notify a line manager if they have either:
• A high temperature
• A new, continuous cough
• A loss of or change in their normal sense of smell or taste

All employees are required to self-isolate at home for 7 days, and if they live with other people, 14 days from the day the first person got symptoms. Again, if a Stroma employee is unable to attend a site visit, we’ll contact you to arrange an alternative visit.

Get in touch with our Health & Safety team

For more information on the health and safety precautions Stroma is taking to protect employees and clients working on-site, please get in touch at .

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