BIM: The Three Little Pigs…

Niraj Mistry, Head of BIM (Stroma Certification) and Upskilling Stream Lead (UK BIM Alliance) advocates that following the methodology of Building Information Modelling (BIM) will allow the construction industry to reap a number of benefits. Using the somewhat peculiar analogy of the ‘Three Little Pigs’, Niraj explains why it’s important to get your house in order if there’s a wolf at the door.

Transformation to Digital Construction

Digital construction and BIM requires the construction industry to transform itself at a personnel and organisational level. The very language of BIM suggests change when it refers to a range of new concepts such as smart cities. The tale of the three pigs also introduces a change of state for its protagonists. The pigs each set out to build something new for themselves. However, as the story shows, the different approach taken by each pig gives way to vastly different results.

Introducing the Wolf

The Wolf is the antagonist in the story; the threat to the success of each pig’s endeavour. Adapting to BIM and digital construction carries its own threats. Consider how these threats may manifest themselves for you or your organisation. There might be resistance or weakness within your organisation (internal threats) or changes in your competitors or market conditions (external threats). By analysing your role in the supply chain before embarking on a change programme you can anticipate, mitigate or manage these threats. The three little pigs epitomise what may happen if your organisation is underprepared or chooses the wrong strategy.

The House of Straw

The first little pig chooses a house of straw because it is the easy option. It is an approach which manifests itself in complacency, a resistance to change and a lack of planning. There has been no research, no thought to acquire the skills to create something long-lasting and a clear absence of strategy. Organisations who share these characteristics may be disillusioned by BIM, put off by the challenge of change and clearly at risk when the threats embodied by the Wolf are brought to bear.

The House of Sticks

The second little pig chooses a house of sticks. Whilst this approach proves more resistant against the Wolf, it too fails to combat the overall threat. The strategy is basic and therefore flawed. An organisation would find itself in such a position through limited research into BIM, insufficient investment and inaction once a threat is realised. The construction industry is evolving; organisations must evolve with it to meet the challenges posed by digital construction. Without this nimble approach they too will be left behind over time.

The House of Bricks

The third little pig chooses a house of bricks. Unlike the other two protagonists the construction of its house is sound enough to repel the threats posed by the wolf. In simple terms this pig does the best it can to prepare and proceeds with a sound strategy. Organisations can repel their own threats by making sure they understand BIM and are prepared to adapt within an evolving construction industry.

How to prepare for BIM:

  • Research what it means to you
  • Understand your market
  • Understand your competition
  • Define your strategy
  • Put a plan in place
  • Invest resources – time, money, people etc.
  • Continuous action – evolve
  • Upskill – training and certification
  • Collaborate
  • Test the integrity of what you have done
  • Be proactive, corrective and preventative
  • Innovate

Demonstrate your BIM Capabilities

Is your organisation involved with BIM?

BIM Certification can help you to demonstrate your compliance with the Government’s BIM Level 2 requirements. Certification can also support tenders and bids which specify BIM capabilities.

We’re working with organisations on a global scale to provide BIM Certification in line with PAS 1192 standards:

  • PAS 1192-2 (CAPEX Phase)
  • PAS 1192-3 (OPEX Phase)
  • BS 1192-4 (COBie)
  • PAS 1192-5 (Security Management)
  • PAS 1192-6 (Health & Safety)

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