Welcoming Neil Reed as an Approved BIM Partner

We are pleased to announce that Neil Reed from BIMcert Ltd has become an Approved BIM Partner with Stroma Certification.

The partnership with a BIM certification body will allow Neil to demonstrate his BIM experience and capabilities to clients looking to adopt BIM practices into their organisation or projects.

Becoming an Approved BIM Partner – What does it mean?

Our BIM Certification Scheme and Approved Partner Program sets the standard for construction professionals using Building Information Modelling (BIM). Becoming BIM certified demonstrates that you have the ability and skills to use BIM to Level 2 standards as a minimum.

Developed in line with industry and government standards, our certification scheme is available to architects, contractors, civil engineers and other construction professionals already working to BIM practices.

What are the benefits to you?

Credentials in BIM:

  • Market yourself or your organisation as a qualified BIM Consultant/Practitioner
  • Demonstrate your skills and knowledge of Building Information Modelling to clients

Gain more work:

  • Meet the growing demand for BIM professionals in the construction industry
  • Promote the benefits of BIM to the supply chain


  • Join our online list of Approved BIM Practitioners
  • Improved market access nationally & globally

Continual Development:

  • Maintain your BIM competences by liaising with Stroma BIM professionals
  • Be the first to learn the latest industry trends and developments from regular updates

The role of a BIM Approved Partner

BIM Approved Partners can work with designers and other construction teams to help coordinate and manage information and BIM processes throughout the lifecycle of a built-asset; from the initial design stages, right through to construction, operation and de-commissioning.

The role of a BIM Approved Partner is to support architects, designers, contractors and other clients in implementing BIM to ensure collaborative working; this includes ensuring digital data is effectively shared between all parties to lower costs, reduce risks and environmental impacts, and improve energy efficiency in built-assets.

What’s the importance of BIM certification?

Did you know? BIM Level 2 has now been set as a minimum target by the Government for all public-funded UK construction projects.

As the demand for BIM continues to grow across the built-environment, so does the need for BIM professionals and organisations certified to BIM Level 2 and related standards.

Becoming BIM certified assures clients that you follow BIM practices to the correct industry and government standards. With regular audits and re-certification, becoming a part of a certification body demonstrates your continual development with ever-changing BIM practices.

Become BIM certified and Approved BIM Partner

If you’re involved in the design, construction or management of a built-asset, then BIM certification may be of interest to you and your organisation.

Stroma Certification offers BIM certification  to the Government’s current requirement for Level 2 standards. Our BIM Certification Schemes are delivered in line with:

  • PAS 1192-2 (CAPEX Phase)
  • PAS 1192-3 (OPEX Phase)
  • BS 1192-4 (COBie)
  • PAS 1192-5 (Security Management)
  • PAS 1192-6 (Health & Safety)

For an initial, no obligation consultation, please contact bim@stroma.com or call 01977 665 420 to discuss BIM certification.

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