BIM: Change is the only constant…

Niraj Mistry, Head of BIM (Stroma Certification) & Upskilling Stream Lead (UK BIM Alliance) discusses how changes during design seem like the only constant.

As a Graduate Mechanical Engineer, standards and guides taught me how to carry out design mechanical services for buildings. I would do my calculations, size my central plant, pipes, ducts, emitters and lay it out all nicely on paper for the CAD Technician to draft up.

Deadline day would come, and I would happily issue the work to the rest of the project team and I would be shot of it - I could then move onto the next item.

Or so I naively thought…

The following week the drawings would come back, red penned! ‘But they’ve already been checked and authorised by my colleagues,’ I would think - I didn’t initially understand.

BIM: Change is the only constant…

Clashes, redesign, cost, regulations, new requirements… the reasons for red penning, revisiting, and having to reissue work were numerous.

Frustrated about having to revisit the same piece of work again, I would reluctantly do it. I didn’t have a choice really, did I.

So, to me, the idea of working in a 3D environment is great. The pain it would have saved me. To have the visibility of the ‘whole’ project as you do now is a significant advancement.

Fine, I may not currently work in design, but I can see the time saving associated with what I used to do, versus what is done now.

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not saying that there’s not going to be a need for change during the design process, there always will be. Change will continue to be a constant.

However, what we’ll find is we save time, and as a result, cost. Also, as a result, we have better collaborative working relationships as we have a greater transparency of what’s happening.

I’d like to think that those with experience can echo my sentiments if they have crossed over to Building Information Modelling (BIM). Those that have adopted BIM from the start of their careers, consider yourself lucky – trust me!

BIM is still evolving, evolve with it.

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Niraj Mistry, Head of BIM at Stroma Certification

From an engineering and energy background, Niraj has over 10 years’ experience of developing national occupational standards, specifications, standards, qualifications and certification schemes for personnel and organisations.

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