Stroma Built Environment Half Year Review

We’re delighted to report that as part of our Built Environment Half Year Review, the division is performing well overall. We’ve seen excellent growth in procuring new acoustic clients for our built environment services.

Acoustic Team growth

This excellent performance has enabled us to grow our acoustics team, with the appointment of Phil Blakemore, Jason Fletcher and newly graduated Courtney Hawkins, who joins the team headed up by Ian Wallbank allowing us to better service our growing list of clients in the division.

Stroma Built Environment Half Year Review

Noise, Vibration & Dust services

Stroma Built Environment provides noise and vibration assessment and monitoring to our clients meeting a wide range of requirements from acoustic design of buildings and infrastructure to construction environmental impact control. We deliver dust assessments to our clients by evaluating potential environmental impacts a construction site may have on air pollution due to the dust it generates. Based on the project, our dust action and management plans assess the risks and potential need for monitoring throughout the phase of a project. This helps our clients mitigate risk factors and save money.

We’ve had encouraging client intake for our Environmental Monitoring services for noise, vibration and dust so far this year. With the recent push on air quality - thanks to Clean Air Day in June – the work we do on environmental monitoring has really come to the forefront of the clean air conversation.

Pre-Planning services

Being involved in Clean Air Day in June created some exciting opportunities for our Pre-planning services. The Air Quality assessments we produce help clients to be proactive in mitigating risk from air pollution and support their planning applications.


We’ve maintained performance as one of the country’s largest air testing firms on both residential and large-scale commercial projects. We have been able to utilise the skills of our people from across the business to complement our service delivery offering to clients.

We have done this through the delivery of a more diverse service offering, which includes remedial air sealing, fire stopping, temporary air sealing and additional risk mitigation and cost efficiency measures.


We continue to help clients in the existing phase of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) compliance and have delivered strong performance within the department. If you need any support with your ESOS compliance speak to an ESOS Lead Assessor.

Our BREEAM Assessors are carrying out some fantastic work on all types of BREEAM assessments allowing our clients to benefit from additional BREEAM credits to be targeted through the provision of specific advice throughout the project delivery.

Built Environment Client Feedback

We have had some fantastic feedback from clients so far this year, you can see a snippet below.

"We’re happy to go ahead with the quote, particularly after our excellent experience of working with your colleague Alison at our University Hall project. I would like to request that Alison works on this project too." Chris Pryke-Hendy, Sustainable Development Project Officer. Nottingham Trent University.

Dan Fowkes. "No fuss whatsoever our engineer was highly efficient. Wish all contractors were the same!" Steve Moore, Kier Construction.

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