Air tightness testing and the new Part L

Time Capsule: 22 March 2011

We continue our 15th anniversary celebrations with the third in our series of time capsule news articles. March has been a traditionally busy month for the Stroma Group and in March 2011, Stroma Tech and our Managing Director Rob Coxon, examined the changes in Part L1A of the Building Regulations and the implications for air-tightness testing.

There was an obvious escalation in the requirements for air-tightness testing in the new Part L1A, a welcome development for industry advocates of a "build tight – ventilate right" approach to reducing energy and carbon emissions. It was suggested by Stroma at the time that basic good practice on site would go a long way to satisfying the requirements of the new Part L1A: 2010.

Air Tightness

Stroma originally began life as an air tightness testing consultancy on formation in 2002. In the decade that followed the group added a number of other building compliance services, including acoustic and thermographic testing, to create our Stroma Tech division.

Recognised now as one of the foremost air-tightness testing consultancies in the UK, Stroma Tech continues to supply an increasing diversity of key services into the construction industry both to domestic and commercial clients.

Testing the Titanic

One particular example of Stroma Tech's expertise in air-tightness testing can also be traced back to this month in history. On 31 March 2012, Titanic Belfast opened to the public to commemorate 100 years since the Titanic sank. Stroma Tech was appointed as air-tightness consultant to the project, a £90 million investment celebrating a key event in history and human endeavor. Stroma played a pivotal role in implementing a sound air-tightness strategy to deliver on specified energy-efficiency targets. Stroma's contribution to Titanic Belfast culminated with a first-time compliant air-tightness test of the structure.

Rob Coxon said, "Stroma Tech was proud to contribute to the success of such an iconic building, one of the many successes for our air-tightness testing consultancy team through the years. The growth of the Stroma Group was built on our reputation as a leading building compliance consultancy and it's right to celebrate that as part of the group's 15th anniversary."

To make an enquiry about air-tightness testing consultancy services please visit the Stroma Tech website.

Stroma is delighted to be celebrating our 15th anniversary in 2017 and would like to thank our clients, members, partners and friends for your ongoing support.

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