ISO 45001 Certification

ISO 45001 Certification

A commitment to occupational health and safety

ISO 45001 Certification demonstrates your organisation's commitment to Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) management for your workforce. As part of the ISO 45000 series of Standards, ISO 45001 sets out the minimum requirements for best practice in OH&S to help you to deliver the highest standards in OH&S and prioritise the welfare of your employees.

Stroma Certification offers an approved ISO 45001 Certification Scheme for companies in any industry, from small to medium organisations (SMEs) to large corporations. Our experts will provide you with the guidance and advice you need to create a bespoke certification programme which meets your business' requirements for OH&S. Achieving ISO 45001 Certification can help you implement and maintain an effective Health & Safety Management System which is compliant against a recognised standard and meet your health and safety goals for your business.

How does ISO 45001 Certification benefit my business?

All businesses are faced with the challenge of meeting health and safety obligations. ISO 45001 ensures your organisation meets legal requirements and has the appropriate techniques in place to identify OH&S risks and prioritise the wellbeing of your employees. An effective Health & Safety Management System can improve on your policies, procedures and controls to ensure you provide the best possible working conditions and workplace health and safety structures which are aligned to the ISO standard. Choose Stroma Certification for a time and cost-effective ISO 45001 Certification solution and achieve maximum return for your employees, operations and customers.

Benefits of ISO 45001 Certification

Demonstrate a compliant corporate image

Reduce risk of legal fines

Reduce accident rates

Increase employee motivation and engagement

Minimise employer liability

Improve working conditions

Improve productivity

Clear OH&S processes

Identify and control hazards

What are the ISO 45001 requirements?

Stroma Certification follows an ISO 45001 audit checklist during the certification process to ensure your organisation is fully compliant with the requirements of the standard before we can award your certification:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy: We will assess whether you already have an OH&S policy in place and if it states your intent and commitment to improving health and safety in the workplace.

  • Assessing and Planning: We will check for identification of issues in your internal and external procedures that are relevant to ISO 45001 and whether you have carried out a risk assessment of your business activities to control potential risks.

  • Implementation and Operation: Our team will determine if a process is in place outlining your health and safety objectives and whether all stakeholders, managers and employees are aware of its implications for them and the business.

  • Checking and Corrective Action: A review of how you are measuring and recording your health and safety performance, including internal and site audits, equipment inspection and testing and accident report processes.

  • Management Review and Continual Improvement: We will check if there is an appropriate senior manager in place who is responsible for your workplace health and safety procedures and supports continual improvement and ISO 45001 requirements throughout the business.

How we certify to ISO 45001

Our experts will make the process of gaining ISO 45001 Certification as simple as possible, offering guidance and advice throughout each stage. Getting your business certified for ISO 45001 requires a simple 4-stage certification and surveillance process:

Our simple 4 stage certification* and surveillance procedure will ensure that your Health & Safety Management System never falls below the ISO 45001 requirements for certification.

Certified businesses from any industry or sector

Step 1

You apply for ISO 45001 Certification online and we prepare your ISO 45001 audit programme.

Certified businesses from any industry or sector

Step 2
ISO 45001 Certification

Your H&S Management System goes through Stage 1 and Stage 2 audits before ISO Certification is awarded.

Certified businesses from any industry or sector

Step 3
Surveillance Audits

Once certified, we will audit your Health & Safety Management System annually to maintain standards and check compliance.

Certified businesses from any industry or sector

Step 4

Every 3 years, your H&S Management System will be audited and a new certification will be issued.

ISO 45001 Certification lasts for a period of 3 years before it needs to be renewed. You can trust our expert audit team to ensure that your H&S Management System is regularly checked for compliance throughout your certification.

Directory of Certified Members

Stroma Certification will provide a directory of ISO 45001 certified Organisations upon a request being received. Please submit a request to

*Based on a first time application. A different approach is taken for certification transfers.

Scope of Certification

Stroma Certification's scope of certification covers the following sectors:

  • Section C - Manufacturing.
  • Section D - Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply.
  • Section E - Water supply, sewerage, waste management and remediation activities.
  • Section F - Construction.
  • Section G - Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles.
  • Section H - Transportation and storage.
  • Section I - Accommodation and food service activities.
  • Section J - Information and communication.
  • Section K - Financial and insurance activities.
  • Section L - Real estate activities.
  • Section M - Professional, scientific and technical activities.
  • Section N - Administrative and support service activities.
  • Section O - Public administration and defence; compulsory social security.
  • Section P - Education.
  • Section Q - Human health and social work activities.
  • Section R - Arts, entertainment and recreation.
  • Section S - Other service activities.

The scope of certification is in accordance with our approval status and as documented here. If you are uncertain if the scope of your business activities are covered by our scope of certification, please contact Stroma Certification to discuss this further.

Certification Scheme Information

Stroma Certification's ISO 45001 Certification scheme documents are made available to the public, applicants and certified Organisations through a downloadable ISO 45001 members pack that contains the following:

  • ISO 45001 Certification Scheme Application Form
    • To be completed for those Organisations requiring certification of their ISO 45001 Management System or alternatively the online application can be completed.
  • ISO 45001 Scheme Membership Handbook
    • Documents the certification scheme processes for granting, refusing, maintaining, renewing, suspending, restoring or withdrawing certification or expanding or reducing the scope of certification.
  • Impartiality Policy
    • Documents Stroma Certification's commitment to ensuring impartiality in all aspects of our certification and business activities. Further information is also available on the Consumer Advice page.
  • Complaints & Appeals Policy
    • Documents how a complaint or appeal can be notified to Stroma Certification and how it will be dealt with. Further information is also available on the Consumer Advice page.
  • Support Policy
    • Documents the means by which Stroma Certification can be contacted concerning ISO 45001 certification and other business related activities.

If you are unclear on any aspect of the certification process please contact Stroma Certification by emailing or telephone 01977 665 420.

How much does ISO 45001 Certification cost?

The price of ISO 45001 Certification starts from £1295 (+VAT). It is dependent on how many staff you employ, the number of office locations within your business and a number of other factors.

Stroma Certification commits to providing a cost-effective, bespoke certification programme for your business. Our auditors will use their skills, knowledge and experience to certify your H&S Management System against the ISO 45001 standard.

Existing Stroma Certification members can combine ISO 45001 Certification with another certification scheme membership and gain compliance in a single assessment visit. Already ISO 45001 certified? Transfer your certification to Stroma for a competitive fee.

Please request a quote to receive a bespoke pricing structure from our team.

Bespoke Pricing from £1295+VAT

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