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Formation Mobile enables field based workers in any industry to collect data digitally on a mobile or tablet device. Functioning on iOS or Android devices, Formation Mobile improves data transfer between your field and back office operations by replacing paper driven processes with Electronic Data Capture for large mobile workforces. Formation Software will help you to create digital forms to improve the quality of data collection and management throughout your organisation.

The mobile forms creation tool within the Formation Management Studio (FMS) offers clear benefits to business sectors with a reliance on mobile and field based staff. Many organisations still follow business processes which involve data collection with a pen and paper. Paperwork is expensive, time-consuming and inefficient – not to mention the obvious environmental impact. By creating a form in FMS and providing that digital form for completion on Formation Mobile you can replicate and improve on your data collection processes.

Use Formation Mobile for your business

Digital data collection improves the accuracy of data capture in the field. All your business data is safely stored on a mobile device before being transferred securely to your back office systems for storage and analysis.

Formation Mobile benefits

Agriculture (e.g. crop audits & equipment inspections)

Formation Mobile benefits

Consultancy (e.g. salary audits & department surveys)

Formation Mobile benefits

Education (e.g. student registers, teacher evaluations & lesson planners)

Formation Mobile benefits

Transportation & Warehousing (e.g. driver logs & vehicle inspections)

Formation Mobile benefits

Insurance (e.g. digital insurance forms)

Formation Mobile benefits

Not-for-profit (e.g. donation forms)

Formation Mobile benefits

Retail (e.g. stock audits)

Formation Mobile benefits

Healthcare (e.g. managing patient files)

Formation Mobile Business Software

What are Formation Mobile's key features?

  • Available on Apple (iOS) and Android devices – You needn't carry around reams of paperwork and complete cumbersome documents. Formation Mobile replicates these forms digitally on a mobile or tablet device
  • Enhance the quality of your data - Capture a range of media rich content such as photos, videos and audio
  • Go further with data collection - Apply free text fields, currency fields, perform calculations and sketch with the drawing tool
  • Features beyond paper forms - Annotate and edit photos; collect signatures with an e-signature tool; scan barcodes and QR codes
  • PAF Postcode lookup – Validate UK postcodes on your device as Formation Mobile connects with a leading database
  • Work offline – Formation Mobile functions without an Internet Connection meaning you can collect and store data anytime
  • View form status – A simple user dashboard gives an overview of all forms sent by FMS and saved on your mobile application
  • Cloud Storage – Your data is saved securely on the mobile device and then transferred securely to the FMS and Formation Cloud

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