Complete compliance for your self-build residential project

Our Super Compliance Pack is the all-in-one solution for self-builders undertaking a new residential housing project

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Why work with Stroma?

Stroma’s New Build Super Compliance Pack is a complete and comprehensive fixed price solution to meet Part L, F and G of the Building Regulations for everyone undertaking a self-build residential project.

What's included?

SAP Assessment

Part L1A of the Building Regulations states that a SAP Assessment must be completed and submitted for New Residential buildings before works start on site.

EPC Certification

The Energy Performance Certificate explains your property’s energy usage and typical energy costs. Every property needs an EPC.

Air Test

Air Permeability testing is a requirement under Building Regulations Part L. An airtight property brings benefits such as reduced heating costs, lower carbon emissions and a more comfortable home.

Building Control

Building Control sets a minimum standard for building, changing or amending a building. To get Building Regulations Approval for your project, whether it is a self-build house or a renovation project, you will need to get a Building Control Surveyor to sign off the works.


By working with Stroma Building Control and one of our warranty partners, we will extend our building control site inspector cover to inspect the work on behalf of the warranty provider.

Initial Notice Application

Submit this at least 5 days before works start on site to avoid any undue delays

Plan Check

A full check of all drawings and structural calculations during design

Site Inspections

Meeting with you on site throughout the project to check progress

Final Certificate

Within 8 weeks of completion, we’ll check and sign off the final project

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