Compliance services for your self-build project

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Stroma Group are your partners for the entirety of your self-build, renovation, or small-scale homebuilding project.

Self Build Compliance

Checking Building Regulations compliance throughout the process of your project

Property Testing

Professionally certified testing for air leakage and ventilation to achieve property sign off

Building Assessments

Final certification delivered through an Energy Performance Certificate and SAP Assessment

Why trust Stroma to support your self-build project?

Stroma can appoint a dedicated, qualified Building Control Surveyor to check your development against Building Regulations requirements. Our one-plot New Build Certification Pack then offers step-by-step support to tick all the boxes for Building Regulations compliance.

Whether you’re an experienced private housebuilder or someone planning their first self-build project, Stroma is your one-stop-shop for your compliance needs. Our highly experienced on site team is backed up by office operations staff to support you throughout the process. We’ll be with you every step of the way and on-hand at every critical stage of your project.

An integrated service delivered by a single provider

A range of package offers for all types of property development

Advice to meet the required building standards

Self Builders

"Our New Build Compliance Pack offers complete peace of mind for your private development with Air Test, EPC, SAP Assessment and more covered from £699+VAT"

Zoe Dickinson, Head of Sales

Step-by-step self-build compliance

Stroma’s New Build Compliance Pack is a complete and fixed price solution to meet Part L, F and G of the Building Regulations:

SAP Assessment

  • Part L1A of the Building Regulations states that a SAP Assessment must be completed and submitted for New Residential buildings before works start on site. SAP Calculations determine the CO2 emission levels and typical energy costs for domestic properties - including space, water heating, and lighting

EPC Certification

  • The Energy Performance Certificate explains your property’s energy usage and typical energy costs. Every property needs an EPC. Our Energy team issue as-built SAPs and EPCs within 48 hours of a successful Air Test

Air Test

  • Air Permeability testing is a requirement under Building Regulations Part L. An air tight property brings benefits such as reduced heating costs, lower carbon emissions and a more comfortable home. Final testing takes place towards the end of the project and our engineers will conduct this with minimal disruption to site activities

Advice from a professional

Building Control sets a minimum standard for building, changing or amending a building. To get Building Regulations Approval for your project, whether it is a self-build house or a renovation project, you will need to get a Building Control Surveyor to sign off the works. Building Regulations Approval is not the same as Planning Approval - to complete your project you may need BOTH.

Initial Notice Application

  • Submit this at least 5 days before works start on site to avoid any undue delays

Plan Check

  • A full check of all drawings and structural calculations during design

Site Inspections

  • Meeting with you on site throughout the project to check progress

Final Certificate

  • Within 8 weeks of completion we’ll check and sign off the final project

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