DesignBuilder Training

DesignBuilder is a state-of-the-art tool which simplifies the building simulation process, allowing assessors to rapidly build models and compare energy, carbon, lighting and comfort performance. Book your place on the DesignBuilder Training with Stroma Certification to learn the key features of DesignBuilder software and complete your certification work in a fraction of the time.

Plus! DesignBuilder’s DSM software is now approved by DCLG for the certification of Level 3, 4 and 5 buildings in England. The DSM software is fully interoperable with the DesignBuilder SBEM interface for compliance modelling and with the EnergyPlus interface for detailed design analysis.

Training Days & Exam

DesignBuilder Introduction Training

The 1-day DesignBuilder UK Certification Introduction Training is available for those new to DesignBuilder, those looking to enhance their existing DesignBuilder skills, and those who need to complete the course prior to attending the DSM training. The course will introduce the fundamentals of the UK certification interface using SBEM and will provide the foundation to attend the DSM Training course. The Introduction Training includes free online preparatory training and a free 30-day DesignBuilder education licence and is open to members of any accreditation scheme to enable them to qualify for 7 hours of CPD.

DesignBuilder DSM Training

The 1-day DesignBuilder for UK Certification DSM Training is a top-up course for those who are already familiar with the UK DesignBuilder certification interface, either through previous completion of the SBEM training or via experience using the software to certify UK buildings. The DSM training covers all of the essential information relating to the DesignBuilder UK interface when in ‘DSM mode’. You must have sufficient experience using DesignBuilder to certify UK buildings and be familiar with the DesignBuilder SBEM training manual to attend the course, providing you haven’t already completed the DesignBuilder UK Certification Introduction Training course. Please note, the DSM training must be completed before taking the exam.

DSM Exam

The National Occupational Standard (NOS) requires Level 5 assessors to pass an exam in their selected DSM software tool before it can be used to certify a building. The exam tests a candidate’s knowledge only on the DSM interface and should be relatively easy for experienced DesignBuilder SBEM users who have completed the DSM training.

Successful candidates of the exam will be provided with a certificate which they can send to their accreditation scheme to demonstrate competence in DesignBuilder DSM software.

Leading software

DesignBuilder’s DCLG-approved DSM software, for the certification of Level 3, 4 and 5 buildings in England, allows you to use the same base models for all forms of UK compliance modelling, including SBEM, DSM, BREEAM, TM52 and more as well as for design and detailed analysis.

DesignBuilder significantly reduces modelling time compared to other software tools and enables greater savings for larger and more complex buildings. The 3D graphic modeller, intuitive data entry method, QA-checking process and energy model enable efficient data input and management to save time and reduce the risk of audit failure.

Accreditation to use DSM software

If you are not already a DSM and/or NOS Level 5 accredited energy assessor, you may need to become accredited first. The DesignBuilder software training and exam will fulfil the software-related elements for Level 5 accreditation. Only those who have passed the exam and are accredited for DSM/Level 5 will be able to produce and lodge compliance documentation using the DSM software by their accreditation scheme.

DesignBuilder licences

DesignBuilder DSM Functionality is available to customers with both Certification and Simulation model licenses. A cost-effective package called Energy Assessor DSM has been introduced to provide more choice on purchasing options. Customers with theses licenses can use DesignBuilder DSM to certify buildings once they have completed the software training and examination required by DCLG. For new customers, a free 6-week license will be provided to enable completion of the training and exam.

Course & Exam Information

Day 1: DesignBuilder for UK Certification Introduction Training

  • Learn how to simplify and speed up the modelling process to improve productivity
  • Learn how to import floor plans and a geometry re-cap to aid efficient workflow
  • Learn how the data management system can save you time and reduce errors in modelling
  • See how DesignBuilder improves QA and data-checking models to reduce audit failures

Day 2: DesignBuilder for UK Certification DSM Training

  • An introduction to the DSM interface and user manual
  • Discover advantages of DSM over SBEM, including geometry modelling accuracy, daylighting, PV, solar gain, shading and climate
  • Differences between SBEM and DSM UK compliance interfaces
  • Learn how to ‘flip modes’ to enable outputs to be generated from the same model using either SBEM, DSM or EnergyPlus for detailed analysis
  • Use one model for multiple analysis types, including example simulations for BREEAM credits or generating TM52 outputs for overheating analysis
  • QA and data-checking, producing and lodging output documents
  • Q&A session

DesignBuilder DSM Exam

Level 5 assessors will be required to pass an exam in their selected DSM software tool. The exam consists of two parts:

  • Part 1 - Essential information relating to the DSM interface
  • Part 2 - Modelling a building with NOS Level 5 features and producing EPC and BRUKL outputs

The DSM training is an essential requirement prior to taking the DesignBuilder DSM exam. For new customers, a free 6-week licence will be provided to enable you to complete the training and exam.


Course/Exam Duration Price
DesignBuilder Introduction 1 day £150
DesignBuilder DSM 1 day £250
DesignBuilder DSM Exam 3 hours £250

All fees exclude VAT.

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