Building Information Modelling Training (BIM)

BIM Foundations training offers an introduction into the principles, methodology and practical application of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the construction industry.

Theoretical & Practical Skills

Understand key principles and methodologies of BIM

Built Assets

Understand elements of planning, construction and operation of built assets


Ensure compliance with government requirements of BIM Level 2.

Why take BIM training with Stroma?

The course aims to provide individuals and companies with the knowledge and understanding to work within the parameters of Building Information Modelling to demonstrate your BIM capabilities on public sector funded construction projects. We can help you to unlock your BIM potential and comply with Government requirements for BIM Level 2.

BIM Foundations training is open to anyone in the construction industry who is involved in the planning, construction and operation of a built asset. Following the Government mandate in 2016, BIM and the experience of building and sharing information digitally is vital to future-proof your business.

BIM Foundations training is applicable to contractors, subcontractors, architects, building owners, installers, planners and anyone involved throughout the construction supply chain.

The BIM Mandate

There are a number of defined BIM levels, from BIM Level 0 to BIM Level 3. The UK Government stipulated in 2016 that any built asset funded by the public sector should be compliant to BIM Level 2. BIM Foundations offers an understanding of BIM Level 2 and how it determines the way in which project data is produced and shared to gain efficiencies.

From 4 April 2016, the mandate came into effect, so it is vital to ensure your workforce attains the required level of BIM competence. BIM is also expected to gain more resonance in the private sector over the coming years.

Training Costs

All face to face training courses are currently unavailable due to COVID-19. Please review our Online training courses which we are running in replacement.

BIM Foundations Training (1 day)


All quoted prices exclude VAT. All Energy Assessor courses are subject to a minimum age entry requirement. All learners must be 18 on the day that they qualify