Have you tried SAP10 Beta yet?

If you haven’t already tried SAP10 Beta, now is the time! We’ve recently released a collection of new features for OCDEAs to access while they run compliance calculations. Our SAP10 Beta Tool is free to use, so there really is no reason not to give it a try today.

Stroma Certification’s current SAP10 Beta Software has been in place for many months and is based on the latest SAP 10.1 draft methodology.

Whilst we await confirmation of the final version of the methodology (SAP 10.2), we have been continuously improving our Beta software and adding features - to allow our OCDEA members to run compliance calculations against the proposed building regulations.

Our OCDEAs should keep an eye out for upcoming versions of SAP10 and the release notes.

You can see our latest test features below:

  • Import function from SAP 2012
  • Standard Heating Pattern Changes from 2012 to SAP 10
  • Fuel prices, CO2 emissions and primary energy factors have been updated to SAP 10 Table 12 reference values.
  • The calculation of lighting energy has been updated to allow for the lighting efficacy and amount.
  • The calculation of hot water consumption has been adjusted to consider the shower flow rate.
  • The assessment of summer internal temperatures has been updated.
  • Additional flow temperature options have been provided for heat pumps and condensing boilers
  • The ability to include solar thermal space heating has been added.
  • Provision has been made for heat loss data for heat interface units (for heat networks) to come from the PCDB
  • Self-use factor for electricity generated by Photovoltaic (PV) systems has been revised and allows for the effects of battery storage.
  • The air flow rates associated with chimneys and flues have been updated.
  • Distribution loss factors associated with communal heating networks has been updated
  • Part L compliance Update, which includes:
  • DPER compliance now included
  • Updated U-values for walls, party walls, floors, roofs, and openings
  • Design air permeability
  • Main heating efficiency’s including heat pumps
  • Hot water storage
  • Low energy lighting
  • Mechanical ventilation

"Stroma Certification released our SAP 10 Beta last year and has consistently updated it following on from client feedback and any changes resulting from the Future Homes Standard consultation. This latest version is significant as it brings about further refinement of the engine and includes the compliance documentation that our clients need.

We now await a final SAP 10 methodology from BRE/Government and are expecting this before the end of the year, at which point we will be able to finalise the engine ready for the projected launch of SAP 10.2 next year and incorporate it into an exciting new version of FSAP, with new features and functionality." Director of Energy Certification, Andrew Parkin

How to install SAP10 Beta

Stroma Members can download the beta free from our Members Area and website. We are currently testing a whole host of new features in our Beta versions right now, so don't miss out! To download SAP10 Beta, click here.