Stroma Certification staff attend Traditional Building Energy Efficiency Course

A number of Stroma Certification staff have attended a two-day Traditional Building Energy Efficiency and Retrofit Course, offered by Prof. John Edwards. It was felt that our various domestic team members would benefit from the upskilling in this area. The course covered Age, Nature and Characteristics of older and traditional buildings, and moved in to assessing options for introducing energy efficiency measures and recommendations and advice.

Traditional Buildings and PAS 2035

Over one-third of UK buildings are traditional according to the definition of a traditional building defined in BSI PAS 2035: 2019: Specification for the energy retrofit of domestic buildings. These buildings are different from modern buildings and need to be treated differently.

Stroma Certification is keen to reiterate the importance of the level of expertise required to carry out retrofitting energy efficiency measures in traditional buildings. This proficiency is becoming an important skillset that is regularly being added to that of an already qualified Retrofit Assessor and Domestic Energy Assessor.

The retrofitting of energy-efficient measures within these kinds of properties requires a level of expertise and knowledge not specifically offered in more general qualifications such as those for PAS 2035, Retrofit Coordinator, and Retrofit Assessor. It is a way for current Retrofit Assessors to add a further sting to their bow and make themselves available for additional income streams and more work in the energy industry.

“From a personal perspective this course was invaluable. It expanded on knowledge I already had while also providing a new insight into the field. The course explained how simply following current standard practises and using modern materials without thought or indeed understanding of how this may have a detrimental impact on the property can cause significant damage to our older and traditional housing, and indeed personal health and comfort.”

“My personal view is that all Retrofit Coordinators should sit this course, but equally anyone dealing in the retrofit off a properties, such as designers and assessor should consider undertaking this, it will be well worth their time to learn more about this very important aspect of retrofit.” Steven Marriott Scheme Manager: Code for Sustainable Homes/BIM Certification/Retrofit

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