Stroma Certification discusses the future of ECO

Recently, Stroma Certification was sent a report from the Sustainable Energy Association outlining their thoughts on the progress of government’s ECO scheme and how they believe it should progress moving forward.

Stroma Certification’s Director of Energy Certification, Andrew Parkin, Technical Manager, Sam Cantle and Sales Manager, Stuart Oakes participate in a round table discussion on the subject moderated by Group Marketing Manager, John Prydderch.

Andrew Parkin admitted reading the document cover to cover and gave his thoughts regarding the prominence of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

“It’s clear to me government see the EPC as a major part of energy strategy and reduction of carbon, and most importantly reduction of fuel poverty. That’s really what ECO is about, to remove people and homeowners out of fuel poverty.

We’re clearly in a situation following the ONS report where we can see that the performance of buildings in the UK hasn’t changed in the last 3 or 4 years, there needs to be a real focus on how we can improve this, the EPC does that.

The Consultation comes out next year asking for EPCs to be involved at the beginning and end of the process, which offers more opportunity for Stroma members to be involved in ECO. It also asks for PAS 2035 to be involved in ECO, which we already know is happening, creating a holistic view of a property, with multiple measures which complement each other towards better energy efficiency.”

Stuart Oakes added, “Rather than reinventing the wheel we have a good wheel for this which is the EPC. It’s been around since 2007 as a great benchmark and it’s not perfect but we are developing it and working on it as we move forward.”

Sam Cantle said: “There should be a focus on making sure that EPCs contain accurate and reliable data, all of which is publicly available. EPCs are now valid for 10 years, the validity period needs to be reduced, making the info in them more reliable.”

You can watch the full discussion here.